Change the ground without works

Change the ground without works

FEATURES: It is a type of carpet made of woven vinyl that mimics plant fibers. It has a thickness of 3.8 mm and is available in 2x25 m rolls or 50x50 cm tiles.

ADVANTAGE: It is non-slip and resistant to heavy traffic. In addition, it offers a wide variety of tones and even made them on demand.

DISADVANTAGES: Burns or sharp objects can damage it. In addition, the furniture can leave marks on the floor if they are not put pads, and certain materials - chairs, rubber carpets ... - discolor it.

MAINTENANCE: It is better to clean it dry, with the vacuum cleaner or, in any case, with warm water and a neutral detergent, since if it does not deteriorate. PRICE. According to quality: the models that mimic natural fibers, € 50 / m2. The brightly colored ones, with the busiest thread, € 60 / m2, plus the installation, which ranges from € 5 / m2, tiles, and € 10 / m2 If it's roll.

- How is it done? The floor must be level. If it comes in roll it is fixed with glue. The tiles are self-adhesive and are placed in checkerboard and always between walls, for greater support.
- How long it takes? For 50 m2, if they are tiles, from 1 to 2 days. If it is roll, 2 and a half days approx.