A bedroom for a girl

A bedroom for a girl

The harmony of color and the organization of space compete in importance when organizing the room of your future offspring.

The crib must be in a privileged place, far from drafts and little hidden. It is important that the complete crib can be viewed from the door of the room.

Have warehouse areas it's basic in the baby's room; although now it seems to you that it has few things, little by little, it will accumulate toys and accessories. At least it is convenient to place a dresser and a bookcase.

Leave free space to play. Place a carpet, so you can sit on the floor, and look for a container that you can easily access.

The colors must be appropriate to achieve a peaceful decoration. A safe option is to choose white as a base and add touches of color.
Cradle lacquered in white, by Luna Lunera. Its measurements are 1.28 x 0.65 x 0.89 m295.85 €
Shelving finished in white, from The Site of Alejandra. It measures 80 x 36 x 89 cm303 €
Comfortable of five white lacquered drawers, from El Sitio de Alejandra. It measures 1 x 0.50 x 0.90 m635 €
Seat upholstered in pink, by Usera Usera. It has measures of 78 x 83 x 91 cm988 €
Carpet Rose by Ambardí. Its measures are 1.15 x 1.68 m155 €
Toy of white painted wood. It is from Luna Lunera and measures 50 x 44 x 35 cm € 115.55
Blind made with 3.05 m of pink linen and cotton fabric, from Usera Usera (€ 59.16 / m). It has a measure of 1.40 x 2 m180 €
TOTAL € 2,672

Advertising - Keep reading below Although pink is a very attractive tone for a girl,

It is preferable to choose the basic furniture in white finish, and reserve the pink for accessories or elements that are easy to renew, such as an armchair. Keep in mind that the basics of the room should last several years. Cuadritos, from Ambardí. Mosquito net of the cradle, by Decor Idea Kids. The complements come from Ambardí, Mothercare, Tuc Tuc and Luna Lunera.


While the child is small you can use the envelope of the dresser as a changing table. A mat and a basket for diapers and creams will suffice. Fabric changer and basket, Tuc Tuc. Clothes, from Mothercare.

A little cloth box

to store their treasures; This way you will avoid coscorrones. Casita, by Luna Lunera (€ 52.65).

Dress the crib

In addition to traditional embroidered Sabanites, there are multiple options for dressing the crib. If you decide on a more current model, dare with floral patterns or stripes, and somewhat more intense pink tones. Duvet cover for cradle Designers Guild, Usera Usera (€ 82). Quilt made with a Casamance fabric. Knitted cushion, from Ambardí (€ 21).

You will find mirrors that do not break,

Ideal for the children's room. Complete it with a frame according to the decoration. Mirror (€ 10 in Decor Idea Kids).

For your own comfort, look for an armchair to sit on.

Armchair model Tullsta, from Ikea (€ 79). Cushion, from The Site of Alejandra (€ 29).

His first little table

Before you imagine, your little one will start painting and will love the drawings; get a table and chairs of its size so you can make your first steps with the colors. Table in 80 x 80 x 40 cm (€ 110) and chairs in 25 x 30 x 60 cm (€ 68 each). Everything from Alejandra's Site. Cloth coffee set, by Luna Lunera (€ 46.65). Cushion, from Decor Idea Kids. Blanket, Tuc Tuc.