What do you intend to buy at deco sales?

What do you intend to buy at deco sales?

You have already bought the coat you wanted and those impossible heeled shoes, but ... What about the decoration? Your house also wants to take advantage of sale to get pretty! So take out the notebook and start pointing ...

Advertising - Continue reading below Renew the duvet cover

Give joy to your body ... and the bedroom! This duvet cover with colorful print will brighten the mornings like never before.

Price: € 29.99 (90 cm bed)

Buy now at Zara Home.

An elegant tablecloth

The dining room table also wants to look pretty, so give her a tablecloth like this one with fruit and flower prints.

Price: 39.99 € (Round 150 cm)

Buy now at Zara Home.

Change dishes

A tableware in green will give your table a very tropical air, whatever the season!

Price: From 3.47 € (per piece)

Buy now at El Corte Inglés.

Chic glasses

If you want glasses with a lot of glamor, choose them with a pearly layer to achieve an unforgettable pearl effect.

Price: 35.96 (4 glasses)

Buy now at El Corte Inglés.

New towels

There is nothing worse than drying your body with a towel that looks like sandpaper ... So if you still have one of those instruments of torture at home, change them for these towels with 100% cotton floral prints.

Price: From 3.95

Buy now at El Corte Inglés.

Frying pans ready

Does your food stick while cooking? Well, it's time to buy new pans, like this set of 3, perfect for stacking them in the most comfortable way.

Price: 67.16 (set of 3 pans)

Buy now at El Corte Inglés.

Lamps to the last

If you have tired of seeing the same lamp every night, take advantage of the sales and give yourself away this jewel with a turquoise blue ceramic foot!

Price: 34.50

Buy now at El Corte Inglés.

Show off library

Display your favorite book collection in the living room with a bookstore like this one in Nordic style!

Price: 99

Buy now at IKEA.

A repair nap

We know that after eating you like to sit in the living room until you fall into a deep sleep ... Or start reading, or knitting, or thinking ... Anyway, this wing chair is perfect for all this.

Price: 179

Buy now at IKEA.

A vase for your favorite flower

Update the hall with this tiny ceramic vase ideal to show off your favorite flower!

Price: 4.49

Buy now at H&M Home.