11 storage tricks for a mini kitchen

11 storage tricks for a mini kitchen

When you don't have much space, taking advantage of every meter is hard work. Write down these practical ideas!

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Behind the door

If you do not know where to place the foil or transparent, we give you the solution: place a metal file cabinet for magazines on the inside of one of the cabinets with your kitchen door.

2 A bank, a better solution!

A custom bench with an internal storage space takes up much less office space than chairs and is more practical!

3 In order and hidden

If the plastic shopping bags no longer fit in your closet, order them in empty tissue boxes. A practical and compact solution!

4 The covers in order

Due to their handles, the kitchen battery covers can be a very annoying tool to place. Place a horizontal metal bar at the end of the drawer and hold them vertically in place!

5 Do not forget the socket

Since it can be a very useful extra storage space. An example? This Ikea kitchen where the baseboard has become a practical drawer for storing cake molds and baking sheets.

6 Make use of metal baskets

Practical and easy to grab, the metal baskets are perfect for storing and placing on top of the cabinets.

7 Look vertically

Expand one of your shelves down using a pallet composition with hooks or magnets that can become the perfect shelf to place cutlery, boats or kitchen towels.

8 Hang on!

From this idea: your shelves have two perfect surfaces for ordering kitchen utensils. Place the cans and cans on the top and the jars with spices on the bottom.

9 Narrow look

The dead space between the refrigerator and the wall is a first place to store canned goods.

10 Recover the sink space

Hang a shelf in the closet and place the wet scourers, cleaners and dishwasher products there.

11 Take a place

Accounts with fake drawers under the sink? Recover that space by screwing a shelf that you can use to place the scourers.