A 180 m² family penthouse

A 180 m² family penthouse

The possibility of extending the useful meters of your home was a great relief for the family that owns this Madrid penthouse, since, although the original plant was quite generous, the birth of their two children made evident the shortage of bedrooms.

The solution - intended by Luis de la Infanta and Eduardo Robles- It was transform the solarium into another floor of the house. In this new space the master bedroom was installed, conceived as a suite, with dressing room, bathroom and direct access to the new terrace. The common spaces, such as the living area or the dining room, also needed a change after the family grew up; Therefore, it was decided to gain meters in the room by integrating the old access to the solarium. The new space, where colors play a fundamental role, has an enviable light and amplitude. It is curious the play of styles that was created when painting one of the walls of red: purity of lines and design to the side, and neutral elements and complements of classic air with only turning the head.

Francisco Domínguez, the interior designer in charge of decoration, opted for a mix of styles, materials combined and the intelligent use of color. A decoration enriched by a studied and balanced contrast that runs through the whole house without haste. Much of the success is undoubtedly due to the use of natural light as a main resource, and the integration of outdoor spaces, now conceived as an extension of the interior: living, resting and even a dining room , which allow to make life outdoors.

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A new staircase connects the living room with the first floor, created after the reform. Integrating this new element was simple thanks to its design: light, white finish and with a transparent glass railing. Sofas, from KA International (€ 1,000 each). Cushions, from Becara and Gastón y Daniela. Helsingör rug, in 2 x 3 m, by Ikea (€ 179). Floor lamp, by Modiss (€ 450).


Just below, a small work corner was organized by taking advantage of a wall setback that helps to delimit the space. Work table, VTV (€ 250 without envelope). Chair, from La Oca (€ 250). Flexo, Light Years (€ 190 approx.).


The correct orientation of the house and the large windows facilitated the maximum performance of natural light, a desire and almost a requirement of the owners. A decoration coordinated in very light sand and toasted tones was the best reinforcement to increase the luminosity. Armchair, on the way home (€ 400). Glass vases in white and red, from Los Peñotes (from € 16 each). Lamp (€ 273) and accessories, from Becara.


The dining room occupies the space of the old terrace; This characteristic provides a pleasant natural lighting that, at certain times, can be excessive; Therefore, the windows were dressed with blinds that do not detract from the furniture and sift excess clarity. Tailored dining table (€ 1,200 approx.). Wooden chairs, with grille seat and backrest (€ 1,500 / six, in Group 13). Ceiling lamp, by Modiss (€ 570). Table runner and napkins, for sale in Gastón and Daniela. The crockery, the glasses, the liquor stores and the vases are of the Becara firm.


In the rest area it is essential to preserve privacy; Here it was achieved without losing communication with the rest of the spaces. The solution was an original sliding door, large, which, open, disappears completely and allows the integration of environments. Bed and headboard, from La Oca (€ 1,400 approx.). Cushions, Texture and Becara. Lamps, from Ikea (€ 29.94 each). Picture painted by Ugarte, for sale in Brocar (€ 695).


The absence of passage doors stands out on the second floor; both the bedroom and the bathroom were delimited by two walls, without closing, that house the closets of the dressing room. The partition that communicates with the terrace was made of glass, hence the incredible luminosity that was gained for the entire plant without losing independence or privacy. White pouf, for sale in KA Intenational (€ 300 approx.). Water bottles for ironing, from Los Peñotes (€ 7.50 each).


A good dose of ingenuity made it possible to get more out of the facilities at the new plant. The professionals in charge of carrying out the reform, Project Codal, integrated all the elements into the decoration. Sliding doors with steel sight guides, state-of-the-art switches or design splits make clear the possibility of having all the technological advances without neglecting the aesthetics.


Although the owners of this attic decided to give up the solarium to expand the house, as were many meters, it was still possible to keep a pleasant terrace, with a living and dining area. All terrace furniture is from Unopiú. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Blanket and stone ashtrays, from Becara. All accessories, planters and plants are from Los Peñotes.


Both the dining room and the terrace seating area were designed to enjoy family and friends.


The meters available on the terrace also allowed to create a space for relaxation and intimacy with two comfortable sun loungers, surrounded by greenery, where to rest and take a break.


A studied mixture of materials stands out in this space with wenge wood on the floor and a combination of black slate and white paint on the walls. Given this prominence of the coverings, it was decided to reduce the furniture; the storage areas, for example, are simple niches made in the walls and divided by glass shelves. Towel-shaped staircase, by Sandra Marques (€ 50 approx.). Towels, Texture.


Part of the terrace, totally private, extends, surrounds the bathroom and coincides with the shower area. Such a luxury could not be missed; Now a glass partition allows you to admire great views of the city. Vases, from Los Peñotes (from € 14 each). Conch shell (€ 22) and salt bottles, from Becara.