Pod vegetables

Pod vegetables

Pod vegetables provide many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Its high percentage of water makes them an ideal food for purifying diets. These vegetables cannot be eaten raw due to a slightly toxic action protein, but, as it is very sensitive to heat, a few minutes of cooking are enough for their effect to disappear. To learn more about some of the most consumed varieties, we talk to Felipe Hinojosa, owner of La Repera stores, and we give you some clues:

Flat green beans. Healthy and very versatile these are the most consumed beans. When buying you have to look for them to have a firm appearance, uniform color, without spots, and smooth and uncut skin. They are kept for 5 to 10 days in the less cold part of the refrigerator. When cooking, it is better to add salt at the end of cooking so that they do not harden. They can be prepared in several ways, but they are exquisite cooked and accompanied with poached egg.

Green Beans Malaga. They are very tender and tasty. The best and freshest are the smallest. Simply remove the tips because they do not usually have threads. Delicious steamed and in a warm salad.

Kenya Haricot. They are beans with a rounded and narrow sheath. Its flavor is soft and exquisite, and its texture is very fine, so they are ideal for children to consume. They are very tasty sauteed, with tomatoes and dried fruit vinaigrette.

Broad beans. You have to choose them with their firm, rigid and narrow sheath, and not very marked grains. It is better to keep them in their pods before consuming them. They are delicious lightly cooked and flavored with mint leaves. Its very tender pods can be taken sautéed or boiled.

Green peas. The pods should be green, smooth and bright, and medium sized grains. They must be shelled at the time of use and not subjected to long cooking. They combine well with other vegetables, meats, fish ... and with them you can prepare a rich pate. Ideal with ham.

Tirabeques Also called bisaltos. Very tender and with a slightly sweet taste. They eat whole and you have to cook them for a short time. Perfect to wok with other vegetables and veal in strips.INFO. To freeze these vegetables, just cook them for a few minutes, in a very small amount of water, let them cool and dry.