More than an organic vegetable garden

More than an organic vegetable garden

If you care about your diet, you prefer organic food and you are also interested in responsible consumption, your project is called Earth Sister Orchard.

Orchard image of the sister Earth orchard with ecologically grown vegetables

Several organizations are grouped under this name, united with the social objective of creating stable training and employment opportunities for people in situations of social difficulty, through the production and marketing of organic vegetables. A year and a half ago they recovered an orchard from the Capuchin Convent of El Pardo, in Madrid, where they cultivate today (with a combination of traditional knowledge and technological advances) and then distribute the products biweekly in more than 15 points of the capital.

For Orchard Sister Earth: "If we are aware of how we consume, we will be changing the world." Are you attracted to this way of thinking? Join organic farming and responsible consumption through:

Orchard located in the Capuchin Convent in El Pardo, Madrid