Renovated attic, dream fulfilled

Renovated attic, dream fulfilled

The proximity of Madrid's El Retiro park, the green lung of the capital, was one of the reasons why its owners bought this attic. To the excellent location joined its breadth and possibilities. The flat had an outdated distribution: hall, living room, dining room, office, dressing room and toilet were articulated on both sides of a corridor that obscured and visually dwarfed the house.

To update the plant and make the most of the space, the owners trusted the reform of your attic to the study of Dafna Brodovka. Before starting the works, they presented the two key premises. On the one hand, they dreamed of moving the wonderful natural light that flooded the park inside their home. On the other, they wanted to have a multifunctional environment that would allow them to enjoy their children as much as possible. The solution proposed by the study seemed perfect. And so, both the corridor and the rooms to which it gave way disappeared. By tearing down the walls that made each room independent, an open space was achieved in which the light entering through the windows circulated without encountering obstacles. In it, the interior designer planned a living area, a dining room and a practical office that centralized family life and made it easier for children and adults to combine their activities.

The new distribution also allowed planning Tailored storage areas. Floor to ceiling cabinets, with so discreet fronts that merge with the walls and go unnoticed, solve the need to store in the office and in the master bedroom. In the latter, the elimination of partitions allowed, in turn, to organize a space for the exclusive use of the parents, equipped with a small seating area and private bathroom.

As for the decoration, the white color that predominates in carpentry and walls It enhances the presence of current furniture, many of them emblematic pieces of design. Beside them, stately elements, such as beautiful plaster moldings or ceilings of infinite height, add character to the house in an attractive fusion of styles.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room without partitions

The suppression of walls resulted in a large open space that integrates the living room and a work area in what was once the hall. The location of the sofa, facing away from the entrance door, delimits each room.

Living room

Minotti signature sofa, acquired at D'Erre. Cushions, from Usera Usera. The coffee table is a design by Dafna Brodovka's studio.

Multifunction space

The owners wanted the house to adapt to their lifestyle, very familiar. The idea of ​​joining office, lounge and dining room allows children to study, draw or play in the company of their parents.

Integrated receiver

Table edited by Zanotta, for sale in B.D. Above it, Fontana lamp, acquired in Light Years. On the floor, a carpet designed by Paul Smith for The Rug Company delimits the space that corresponds to the hall.

Dining area

It is also part of that large open space for family use. That is why it was completed with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase in which study books, music and movies are available to enjoy together. It is an interior designer design that perfectly integrates the two doors that lead, to the left, to the bedrooms, and to the right, to the kitchen. Table designed by Dafna Brodovka's studio. Chairs, from Kartell.

Dining room

The daily dining room, next to the kitchen, was planned with a cupboard front that solves the need for storage. Crockery, canned food and non-perishable food are stored behind white lacquered doors and without handles that, having the same wall finish, go unnoticed. Cabinets and table with polished steel structure and marble top, designed by the interior designer. Chairs by Arne Jacobsen, from B.D.

Practical kitchen

The kitchen was furnished with custom cabinets. The modules located in the corner were designed with rounded edges, to facilitate the circulation towards the bottom. In addition, they are a great way to avoid coscorrones in a house with children. The floor was paved with tiles that mimic the finish of travertine marble, but that being ceramic, offer a surface that is even cleaned with abrasive products.

Bedroom, private suite

The dimensions of the master bedroom allowed to create a living area, consisting of two armchairs and a side table. Architectural elements, such as access doors to the bathroom - with wooden moldings and engraved glass quarters - embellish and lend the whole ensemble.

Corner of being in the bedroom

Le Corbusier armchairs, for sale at B.D. Lamp, from the firm Flos.

A very ingenious bathroom

The toilets were placed under the window, which allows them to be used while enjoying the views. But where is the mirror placed? The solution: two folding models that are fixed in the window frame. Thus, it opens and closes comfortably when necessary.


- Before the reform the hall, the living room and the dining room were paved with parquet in different finishes. When the walls were demolished and the three spaces combined, they were painted in the same color, a chocolate brown.
- The white carpentry It reflects the light inside the house. The doors and the fronts of the cabinets were chosen in size XXL, to enhance the height of the ceilings and thus enhance the stately architecture of the floor.