Change the floor without works: Laminated floors

Change the floor without works: Laminated floors

FEATURES: They are floors that mimic wood with a plastic finish. They are composed of three layers: a base of high density wood fibers; a layer of melamine that has printed the photo of the wood (oak, pine, beech ...) and a transparent film that protects the whole. When choosing, you have to take into account the quality, since it largely determines the price.

There are three different, depending on the thickness and abrasion resistance of the surface layer, and are marked by numbers:
- Low quality: 31. Thickness 6-7 mm and low to moderate wear resistance.
- Medium quality: 32. Thickness of 8-9 mm and wear resistance quite high.
- High quality: 33. Thickness of 10-12 mm and very high wear resistance.

- They are cheaper that the wood, very warm and does not alter with the light.
- They are very hard and super resistant to wear, scratches, bumps and burns.
- Do not absorb stains nor do they retain dust, because they are not porous.

- They cannot be sanded or varnished, since the protective layer is removed, so you have to replace them if they deteriorate.
- They last less than a wooden floor (about 20 years if you take good care of yourself).
- If the pieces are not fitted correctly, the water can seep and spoil the soil.
- They usually have static energy.

MAINTENANCE: Daily, just use the vacuum cleaner or a dry mop. Occasionally, a mop moistened with water can be passed, better without detergent, and very well drained.

PRICE: Varies from 4 to € 45 / m2, according to the quality and the treatments it carries: anti-humidity, anti-static, anti-noise ... The installation ranges from 8 Y € 20 / m2.

- How is it done? They can be placed on the previous floor without works, except if it is thick carpet. How? Through a click system, which consists of joining some slats with others through a tongue and groove method. First an insulator is placed; then the floor and, finally, the skirting board. The best? You can step on immediately.
- How long it takes? For a space of 50 m2, one day maximum.