A modern and functional apartment

A modern and functional apartment

Overlooking the Puerta de Alcalá, east floor of the emblematic Serrano street in Madrid went through a comprehensive reform To look so bright and welcoming. The architects of such change were Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil, from Estudio Lucas and Hernández-Gil; These professionals focused on providing light and spaciousness to the home with the peculiarity of taking care, in addition, of interior decoration, works of art and accessories.

And the house has its history; its current owners, a Venezuelan marriage, unconditional lovers of Spain and
of tourism in our country-, they received the apartment in inheritance and decided to create their own family refuge in which to stay in each getaway. The considerable distance prompted them to delegate the rehabilitation project in the study of architecture and to trust them to the last detail. The excellent relationship with the owner laid the foundation for total success.

The original state of the house was ruinous; dark due to an already unnecessary partition, the first job was undoubtedly unify spaces to allow the flow of natural light. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the house was also essential; Today we appreciate a greater height in the ceilings, an oak floor with oil and semi-hidden installations in a firm commitment to the integration of the elements. Noble materials, such as floor wood, share prominence with marvelous stones in the bathrooms and with a decoration as sophisticated as warm. The secret of the final balance is based on the fair presence of basic furniture and enrichment through accessories, textiles and magnificent works by young emerging artists. A challenge for owners and architects who, in short, reached the interiors desired by all.

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The irregular floor of the room was softened with the predominance of white walls, ceilings and curtains as a guarantee of balance. Also the choice of circular tables was an excellent resource to downplay the chamfer of being.

Sofa Ground, Flexform Cushions and blanket, from Missoni.

A lounge with views

The location of the sofa is due to the fantastic panoramic view of the Puerta de Alcalá that is enjoyed from it. It is a crude color design that favors its perfect integration into space.

Sofa model Ground, Flexform Pillows and blanket, from Missoni.

A reading corner in the living room

The utility of an extra seat crosses the boundaries of functionality. This piece can compose a unique reading corner or a workspace and act as a lifeguard at the same time if our guests exceed what is expected.

Seat Ego in velvet, from Batavia.

Composition of pictures on the sofa

If the graphic choice of the wall is centered on numerous small works instead of one or two large pieces, study how to expose them very well. Its placement itself is part of the decoration.

On the sofa wall, original collection of monotypes White ribbon, from Nico Munuera.

Unusual mix in the dining room

The diversity of the dining room is achieved thanks to the constant mix of materials and pieces of different origin that are integrated wonderfully in the same environment.

Table S Table, from MDF Italia. Chairs, from Batavia. The painting is a work of Rodríguez Caballero. Linen curtains, from Lantero.

Dining room with works of art

The originality of certain furniture - like the dining room sideboard lined with mocha and oak - added to the constant presence of multidisciplinary works of art adds a personal accent to the entire environment.

Sideboard Lion, of the firm Horm. Burlap painting by Eduardo Barco. Paintings on wood, by Carmen Pinart. Roman head, by Jerónimo Hernández-Gil.

A custom made kitchen

The irregularity of the plant, which is accentuated in the kitchen, was successfully solved by designing custom-made furniture and choosing white on walls, ceilings and fronts.

The custom-made kitchen cabinets in high gloss lacquered DM are from Gunni. Appliances, from Gaggenau. The countertop and sink are from Corian.

A private office

The groundbreaking choice of the dining room furniture was an exquisite choice, opposite to the design fronts, and very enriching.

Folding table of Belgian origin, by Sol & Luna. Old bank brought from the east. Bottles, by Carmen Pinart.

Decorative bottles

The details count and much; That is why it is so important to take care of them with care and intuition. We loved, for example, the collection of lined bottles by Carmen Pinart that decorates the office. Beautiful!

Color touches in the office

Stools, by Habitat. Murano glass chandeliers, Light Years.

Child's bedroom

The bedroom of the two girls was equipped with beds somewhat higher than normal since one hides under a third bed for guests, and the other a lot of storage space.

Console Passing, from Arlex. Cushions and pouf, by Missoni.

Angled beds

When space is scarce, it is an excellent distribution proposal, since it leaves a free space in the center of the bedroom to play or study and, even, to place a third bed at night, when a little friend comes.

Tailored beds. On the bed, wood compositions and colored enamels, by Xuso Alonso.

A bath of straight lines

In the bathroom, faucets by Cristina Bossini. Basin and shower tray designed by the studio.

A bedroom as a suite

The new distribution of the house reserves a balcony only for the master bedroom, simple, bright
and with an integrated bathroom.

Bed and headboard, purchased at El Corte Inglés.

Long live the color!

If, as in this case, the structure of the house is neutral, playing with intense colors and striking patterns on the cushions is a sure success that helps give depth and joy to the environment.

A bright bedroom

With the wood and white mix, we bet on the play of light and shadow as the main element.

Bedside tables with Nordic vintage style

Some isolated piece between current furniture and accessories, certain classic and even colonial touches give life to a new, more personal eclecticism.

Bedside tables, from Batavia.

Bathroom in light tones

The girls' bathroom is equipped with a large stone shower tray and a cabinet with storage space. The light gray gresite also reinforces the feeling of spaciousness.

Macael marble washbasin and shower tray made by the Lucas and Hernández-Gil Studio. Faucets and sprayer, by Cristina Bossini. Crystal balls, from Anmoder.

Plan and keys of the reform

- Still having six magnificent balconies in the house, the light was stopped by walls and partitions. The main challenge of the reform was to eliminate the corridor and install wide sliding doors that allowed the flow of natural light. In the same line the ceilings were raised to vent the rooms.

- Also the new facilities of artificial light meant a great change in the environments. Now indirect lights predominate with careful distribution; Of course there are zenith points on the dining room and in the kitchen and some solved with small spotlights embedded in the ceiling.

- The choice of noble materials, as the long planks of solid wood of the floor or the natural marble of the bathrooms, the level of the rehabilitation rises adapting it to the nineteenth-century building in which the house is located. The integration of the radiators in the wall is a plus of style in the facilities of the house.