Shell seafood

Shell seafood

Pablo Sarabia

Thin clams. Although they should be consumed freshly purchased, they can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days wrapped in a damp cloth. Exquisite raw, seafood, with beans, with potatoes and rice.

Hedgehog. A seafood with an intense flavor and soft texture. To clean them, they are taken with a cloth, they are placed on their backs, with a pair of scissors the central area is cut and they begin to empty, (with the juice you can prepare broths), the orange yolks (corals) are extracted and undone the rest. They can be eaten cooked, au gratin, in cake ... (Tortillas with sautéed hedgehogs).

Cockles. They are very tasty and are characterized by their intense sea flavor. They are usually steamed and served with a little lemon or white wine. They are delicious in empanada, stewed with potatoes or with peas.

Razors Smooth and delicate meat, the razors can be frozen fresh well wrapped in cooking film. The best way to taste them is grilled or sauteed with garlic.

Periwinkle These sea snails are usually consumed cooked (5-10 minutes in boiling water with salt; they are allowed to warm in that same water). They can be dressed with chilli pepper and the best way to extract them is with a pin.

Oysters To open them you have to hold them in the hand with a cloth, put the tip of a knife on the narrowest side, locate the muscle, cut it with gentle movements and slide the knife below the body of the oyster, being careful not to peel the nacre. The best way to eat them is to open them and drink them with their water. You can add lemon, albariño or vodka. (Oyster cream; Parmesan gratin oysters; Cold oyster soup)

Info. The mollusks should be left in cold water with salt for at least 1 hour, so that they release the sand they may have.

Coquina With a mild flavor and small size, the coquinas are very rich sauteed with garlic and parsley.

Mussels Popular and very versatile in the kitchen, to taste them well they must be very clean. They can be cooked with pasta, steamed, stuffed, in vinaigrette, in seafood sauce, spicy ...

Scallops With a firm texture and delicate flavor, the scallops are exquisite grilled, in cebiche, carpaccio ... although they can also be gratinated, cooked with rice ... With their coral you can prepare a rich vinaigrette.

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