How to dress the sofa

How to dress the sofa

1. Add a carpet

They make the space more cozy and less cold. The best option (and safer when it comes to getting it right? Choose it in neutral tones and add a touch of pop color with the cushions.

2. Complete your look

Hair blankets and cushions should not be missing. They embellish it and add texture and comfort. And that's what you're looking for on your couch at the end of the day, right? Looking for the most 'comfy' models are a real investment.

3. Without fear of mixtures

Your sofa is neutral and smooth but you love the color? Add it without fear through cushions with different prints. Do the opposite if the upholstery of your sofa is printed and full color. Always look for balance.

4. Don't leave him alone

It will look much more imposing in space if you make other small furniture and accessories finish it: a simple floor lamp on one side, a side table, plants that add a natural touch to the environment ...