A 93 m² penthouse with terrace

A 93 m² penthouse with terrace

Although the age of this house meant undertaking an intense reform, its owner was compensated to embark on works for various reasons. First, the flat was located in the Salamanca district, one of the most emblematic of Madrid, next to the El Retiro park. The size was perfect: 93 m2 to which we had to add 38 m2 of terrace that covered the entire facade of the building. It was also about an attic, and the landscape of attics that was contemplated from the terrace definitely seduced its owner. After changing doors, windows and floor, he focused on the decoration helped by the furniture and textile designer Sofía Calleja, of the firm S.C.V. which is distributed in La Continental.

The terrace and the possibility of accessing it - the owner likes to organize outdoor meetings with friends when the good weather arrives - was very present when distributing the space. From the hall you access the kitchen, which in turn has an exit door to the terrace to comfortably move dishes and drinks. At the end of the hall you reach the living room, divided into two environments: on the one hand the living area, organized around the fireplace and on the other, next to the terrace the dining room was installed, on one side so as not to obstruct the passage towards the outside. At the end of the house was the bedroom, which incorporates a private bathroom. The decoration was not governed by established criteria.

The personal tastes of the owner, lover of reading and passionate about travel to other continents, of which he brings memories, articulate an original miscegenation of furniture of all styles with which you get cozy environments that reflect the personality of its owner. The choice of cladding and furniture in light tones multiplies the natural light that enters from the terrace, causing the illusion of living in the countryside rather than in an urban environment.

Advertising - Read on below The possibilities offered by the large terrace,

With views of one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Madrid, it was one of the reasons that the owner decided to acquire the home. When the good weather arrives, it organizes outdoor meetings with friends. Table and chairs, from Casa y Campo. Tray, dishes, glasses and vase, from Nombok.

The decoration of the living room was organized around the original fireplace, which was rehabilitated.

Memories brought from travel personalize the atmosphere. Sofas and coffee table, from La Continental.

View of the room, with the hall in the background.

The seating area was delimited with an L-shaped chaise longue with respect to the two sofas. With this distribution of the seats, in addition to achieving a room with more space to sit, the aisle is visually shortened. Sofas, chaise-longue and table, from La Continental. Cushions, from Nombok.

The bookstore.

A bookshop was made in the living room as it betrays the owner's passion for reading. The lower shelves, with more background, were reserved for audio and video equipment.

The dining room was located behind the seating area and decorated with modern design furniture.

Oriental-inspired table, chairs and paintings, for sale in La Continental.

The door leading to the bedroom was lacquered in tune with the wall of the living room so that it went unnoticed.

In the hallway that leads from the hall to the living area, two large mirrors that give dynamism to a long and narrow space were placed. Mirrors and side table, for sale in La Continental.

In the kitchen white furniture and terracotta walls were combined.

The contrast is very effective. Clear cabinets achieve a sense of cleanliness and make the space seem wider, so they are suitable for small kitchens. The terracotta tone gives a touch of warmth and breaks the monotony of a bright but cold color.

Decorator Sofía Calleja restored the headboard of the bedroom and reupholstered it with a fabric designed by her in a stone tone.

As the bedroom faces the terrace, the window was dressed with an adjustable slat blind to clarify the intensity of the light and curtains. Cushions, from Nombok. Mesilla, from La Continental.

In the living room a space was reserved to create a reading corner.

It was decorated with a family heritage dresser and an armchair, also inherited, reupholstered with foal skin. The combination of styles - classic and modern - achieves an original atmosphere.

So that the circulation was more fluid inside the bathroom,

the sink was placed in a corner, embedded in a countertop that extends along the wall with little bottom. With this resource, the warehouse area was increased without recharging the environment. The walls were covered with a mirror to enhance the feeling of space and multiply the light. Towel, from La Continental. Toiletries, from Nombok.

The terrace.

A cozy seating area was also organized on the terrace, to enjoy the sun, which was decorated with two sun loungers and a coffee table.

3 intense colors

Encourage an environment in neutral tones by decorating a bookcase, a door or a radiator with Titanlak enamels in cheerful tones, such as 1434 Vanilla, 1473 Hazelnut and 1475 Almond.