Sardines, pure flavor

Sardines, pure flavor

Photo: Plató

Lover of sea vegetables, orchard, coastal herbs, roots, leaves and everything that nature offers ": this is how Chef Sergio Bastard defines himself, on his Twitter profile. This chef, one of the most promising in the country, offers in its menu of the Cantabrian restaurant La Casona del Judío a dish as striking and exquisite as the smoked sardine served in teapot with concentrated juice of Pedro Ximénez. in the kitchen Take note:

In the purchase. As in the rest of the fish you have to choose very fresh specimens, which have bright eyes, gills without blood and a firm and hard to touch body.
The preparation. To clean the sardines, they first remove their head and then put their finger through the body to open them and be able to eviscerate them. Then they pass through cold water so that they are very clean. If you have to clean a large cavity, it should be left in cold water (even with ice) as they are cleaned.

The conservation. In the fridge you can keep up to 3 days in perfect condition as long as they are clean and without guts. They can be frozen (of course, clean) but you have to know that the texture once defrosted will not be the same as when the sardines are fresh. Xoubas, parrochas ... They are called that way in the north (in Galicia, xoubas; in Cantabria and Asturias, parrochas; and in the Basque Country, parrotxas) when they are young sardines of small size, but it is the same fish.

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Cooking techniques. The most commonly used technique for cooking sardines is grilled, especially in Galicia and in the south (the famous espetos). Although it is not a very common elaboration in the case of sardines, it is necessary to know that delicious marinades are left. They can also be prepared in a pan and salt (in this case you have to control the time so that the sardines are not dry).