A 68 m² penthouse with terrace

A 68 m² penthouse with terrace

The enviable L-shaped terrace surrounding this Madrid penthouse, about 68 m2, was just what its owner, a young woman who wanted to become independent, was looking for. The building was newly built, had Windows that flooded the interior with natural light and had a modern layout.

From the entrance you access, on the left, the kitchen - which has a second door to the hallway - and, in front, to a dining room. From here you go to a hallway that leads to the kitchen, a work room, two bathrooms and the master bedroom. In this one, precisely, the owner planned a small change so that the house reflected her dream: to have a dressing room. To do this, he gave up part of the space, which became independent with a built-in sliding door, so as not to lose storage capacity.

The owner also replaced the land with solid merbau wood, a variety resistant to the careers of his roommate - a playful dog - whose intense activity is the reason that there is not a single carpet throughout the house. The other aspects of the attic decoration also reflect the lifestyle and tastes of the owner. The white color of the walls acts as a conductive thread, both on the walls and on the furniture. The only exception is in the bedroom, in which the wall where the bed rests was coated in a chocolate tone, which adds warmth to the environment. The white color is also found in furniture. They are pieces of marked current style, some of them reissues of design classics - lounge chairs are the famous LC3 model created by Le Corbusier- that coexist in an attractive contrast with furniture inherited by the owner.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living area and dining room share the same space.

The materials used in both areas - white leather and steel - and the current style of furniture facilitated the integration of the two environments. Sofa by Viccarbe. The armchairs, from BD, are a reissue of a classic of the current design, the LC3 model, by Le Corbusier. Mesa by Gunni. Canvases, by Guillermo Summers.

One of the main charms of the house

It is the large L-shaped terrace that borders the floor and is accessed through sliding doors. The outdoor furniture is from Oscar Tusquets.

The living room has another access to the terrace,

It provides an important input of natural light. The TV was placed on a piece of furniture, made of white lacquered Ikea, in keeping with the seats.

The exterior and interior merge

through the glass doors that replace one of the walls of the living room. Cushions and blanket, from Kifil. Tolomeo floor lamp, from Artemide. Candelabro, from La Oca. The chairs and dining room table are of family heritage.

The L-shaped kitchen floor

It allowed two areas to be organized according to their usefulness: one for breakfast and storage bars and the other for work. Both were unified with furniture, white Formica, and countertop, Silestone.

A breakfast bar was made on one of the kitchen walls.

In this area furniture with two different finishes and backgrounds were combined: the gray, deep, hide pillars and mochetas; whites were chosen with less background so as not to hinder the use of the bar. Furniture, by Donna. Stools, from La Oca.

The work zone

The kitchen was organized on two parallel fronts. In one of them the plate and the furnaces were placed, these, in column; in front is the sink.

In the bedroom,

The wall where the bed rests was painted in chocolate, a tone that gives a sense of depth and that surrounds the atmosphere in a warm atmosphere. Instead of a headboard, two vertically framed white frames were placed on the wall, in tune with the bedside tables, by La Oca. Pictures, cushions and bedspread, by Kifil.

Part of the bedroom space

It was used to make a dressing room, which became independent with a sliding door so that the sheet did not take up space.

The bathroom

It was decorated in white, with details chosen in black that capture the attention and ensure that the environment does not seem flat. Coatings and sanitary ware, from Discesur. Vinçon car. Taps, by Hansgrohe.