An attic with a very personal terrace

An attic with a very personal terrace

A passion declared by the interior design added to the frequent consultation of specialized magazines and to the innate good taste of the owner were compelling reasons for her to propose the reform and the complete decoration of her house; a precious penthouse located on the outskirts of Barcelona. Two predominant trends complement and coexist without bothering within the same meters. On the one hand you can see a clear need for privacy in the bedroom area, where each family member has their private shelter. In contrast to this intimate concept, the common areas share the same space: being, dining room, kitchen and office open to the large terrace. An interesting and much more practical approach than we imagined a priori.

The owner explains that, to a large extent, this distribution arose from the desire to be with her daughters and help them with their school duties while doing housework, making dinner or taking care of the plants. In addition, the closeness between the terrace and the kitchen make outdoor summer dinners more affordable. As for the interior, the natural division of environments falls by its own weight thanks to the successful location of the furniture. The Visual separation is reinforced by delimiting the living room and the work area by means of carpets.

The organization of the bedrooms responds to a way of life that bets on privacy, even with respect to the family, at some times of the day. The couple enjoys an organized stay type suite, with the bathroom, dressing room and rest area integrated. The sisters, meanwhile, have a room for each, with a decoration inspired by the Nordic style, with the tones and patterns of adolescence, and with the space needed to relax and study.

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Mats spread on the wooden floor, floral prints and suggestive sun loungers form a corner of chill air on the terrace. The cushions, patterned mattresses and low wooden coffee table are from Filocolore. Folding sun loungers with mat come from Unopiú.

Living room connected to the terrace

The opacity of the curtains guarantees total sun protection during hot hours. Although the intention is to keep the window open, so that interior and exterior are communicated for most of the day. Armchair and coffee table, from Little House. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. Curtains, by Filocolore

Large living room

Getting a clear and free circulation between the living area, the dining room and the two large exits to the terrace encouraged the choice of fair furniture and the right size. The dining room - which also serves as an office - consists of only four chairs and a small table. Chairs, from Little House. Cuadritos in the foreground, from the Lu Ink store.

Perfect organization

The large L-shaped sofa is a key piece of the living room; In addition to providing numerous seats for the whole family and their guests, it acts as a very effective separating element between the living area and the work area. Sofa designed by the owner and commissioned to an upholsterer. Chair and mat of the work area, Lu Ink. Ikea desk

Structure integrated to the decoration

Both the floors and the walls and the furniture that are attached to them ended in white, as a formula to unify and integrate the various elements that shape the decoration. Table and sofa, designed by the owner. Dining room chairs, from Little House. Curtains, from Filocolore. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. Kitchen cabinets, Metallurgical.

A kitchen with contrast

Inspired by industrial models, made with wooden planks, the owner commissioned a carpenter's dining room table and completed it with four vintage air chairs. The contrast with the designer kitchen is deeply enriching. Chairs, from Little House. Kitchen cabinets, Metallurgical. The countertop is white Silestone.

A bedroom to rest

Achieving a leisurely and pleasant feeling in the bedroom was essential for the owners; hence the neutral tones and the presence of wood in furniture. Quilt, cushions and bedding, from Filocolore. Apply to the sides of the bed, by Biosca & Botey.


The base of the bathrooms was chosen in neutral and the accessories and textiles were used to put the color note. The accessories also give a more personal touch; With this idea, decorative change is easy and requires only a minimal investment. Bathtub, sink and faucets, from Roca. The towels, of an intense color, are of Filocolore.

Child's bedroom

Light gray are great allies in the children's room when they grow up; They like them and they are an excellent decorative base. Here they were completed with type textiles patchwork Bed and desk designed by the owner and commissioned to a carpenter. Bedding and cushions, from Filocolore. Study chair, from India & Pacific.

Plane and ideas

Visually divide the spaces
-The placement of furniture is a very successful solution when the objective is to mark the visual separation between two environments that share the same space. In this case, the back of the corner sofa becomes independent in the living room, with great success, the area for work corner.