How is Marina Yers day to day?

How is Marina Yers day to day?

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It is natural, transparent, fun, and with energy to give and take. This is demonstrated in their social networks this Ukrainian based in Madrid, what With only nineteen years, already exceeds in followers to the well-known Dulceida.

His dream was to be a runway model, but the lack of height prevented him, so instead of collapsing, he decided to turn his life around joining acting classes. That and share your day to day on social networks, something that is given of cinema (proof of this is the million followers that endorse it), and that started doing when I lived alone in England, like a way to let off steam.

And that is where you see it, as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, the influencer it also has its complexes. The biggest of them, the acne, a condition that causes a lot of suffering to girls their age, and that, however, has no qualms about showing. Maybe that's why she is considered the queen of social networks.

But his naturalness extends to all facets of his life, therefore it is normal to see her while having a sandwich of serrano ham, while singing in the shower, or while wandering on the couch for a while.

Then, We leave you three videos from your YouTube channel where you can know her better. We are sure that you will give (much more) than talk!

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