An attic with urban soul

An attic with urban soul

A Nordic air has taken over the heart of Madrid. In the middle of Malasaña - one of the most traditional neighborhoods of the city -, This apartment reveals the hand of Danish interior designer Eric Vökel. Passionate about the architecture and design of his country, he has managed to combine the structure of a typical Madrid building with the basic guidelines of Nordic decoration: open spaces and precise furniture -with iconic pieces- to facilitate circulation.

The 60 m² of the apartment are distributed in a spacious living room, from which you access the kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and three terraces that overlook the landscape of sloping roofs and small attics of the city. That charm of the past has been maintained, also, inside the house, with wooden shutters or brick that reveals pieces of its history.

In this architectural framework, Danish style decoration It achieves an attractive contrast. The gray sofas in the living room, the dining table with a structure reminiscent of tree branches or wooden beds with duvet covers evoke the functionality of Danish houses. But just look out on the terrace to feel that the heart of the city beats, passionate and alive, outside.

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Advertising - Keep reading below A living room with views

The window, from which you can see the roofs of the center of Madrid, was key in the distribution. The dining room was next to it, and the living area was oriented towards it to enjoy the original urban landscape.
Checkered cushion, from Los Peñotes. From Filocolore: plain velvet and fuchsia plaid cushions.

Living room

The living room and dining room compare a very bright space that thanks to the distribution of furniture transmits balance and order.
Table with serigraphed glass envelope, La Condesa 131.

Order in the room

Magazines, the TV remote ... Everything is at hand and without creating a sense of chaos in baskets located under the coffee table.
Baskets and vases, from Los Peñotes. Carpet by Zara Home.

What tone do I put the sofa on?

It is one of the big questions when decorating the room. Gray is suffered - especially if you have children or pets. But if the environment does not have a lot of natural light, it is interesting that you light the sofa with cushions in cheerful tones, which reduce the seriousness of the gray.

A terrace to live outdoors

Both the railing, with a thorough design in wrought iron, and the wall that makes the house independent - in the form of an S - allow you to better appreciate the urban landscape. The spaciousness of the terrace made it easy to organize a relaxation area and a dining room to enjoy Madrid's day and night.
The cushions are from Filocolore.

Vivid colors in the terrace dining room

Do you want to organize a meal on the terrace? Dress the table with a tablecloth in cheerful tones: yellow, green, fuchsia ... If you choose a patterned design, make sure the dishes are smooth, in a finish that tones with the cloth of the tablecloth.
Tablecloth, from Los Peñotes. Green glasses, by Maison Artist.

Irrigated Terrace

Important advice for those who enjoy gardening. If you plan to fill the terrace with plants and flowers, Be sure to install a tap on it. This way you will avoid taking a thousand and one walks to the kitchen to fill the shower with water.

Extreme lightness in the dining room

The table with the glass envelope and the transparent chairs make the dining room, despite its size, barely occupy volume visually. The carpet is a synthetic fiber carpet cut to fit the environment.
Cushions, from Filocolore.

Transparent dining table

A design with the glass envelope is very light and hardly occupies visual space in the environment. Nevertheless,Transparency exposes the structure that holds it. If it is striking, it will be more decorative.
Accessories on the table, Los Peñotes.

Large format photo in the dining area

On the dining room wall a floor-to-ceiling photo has been placed that reproduces ... a facade! The reasons, together with the window, make the dining room seem to be in the street.

Kitchen on two fronts

The bulkiest appliances were grouped to the right. Being paneled, they offer a smooth running front that simulates the wall. On the left were low cabinets. Both fronts flank the passage to a second terrace. Its glazed door makes Madrid roofs -which here look like a XXL-sized photo- protagonists of the decoration.
Carpet and utensils, by Maison Artist. Drainer, from Ikea.

Brick walls seen in the bedroom

An original combination of coverings was made on the bedroom wall. Part of the original brick was exposed; In addition, on the plastered and painted wall, a composition of hydraulic parts frames the bed as if it were a headboard.
Carpet by Zara Home.

Cushions in the bedroom

One way to decorate the bed is to place quadrants on the pillow. In the case that you place more than two per person, make sure they have a different size, or the one at the back will be buried!
Green quadrants, of Los Peñotes. The cushions and the plaid are from Filocolore.

Very bright bathroom

Does the bathroom have a couple of windows? It is actually an optical effect produced by the mirror that, extended to the ceiling and without a frame, reflects the only existing window. This solution multiplies by two, also, the natural light. Under the sink, a small piece of furniture solves the storage needs without recharging the space; its materials - wood and baskets - make the atmosphere more cozy.

Guest room

In the guest bedroom, a continuous wooden panel serves as a headboard for the two beds. Its horizontality balances the height of the room, reinforced by the built-in wardrobes that almost touch the ceiling, with the gable roof and exposed wooden beams.
Cushions and blankets, from Los Peñotes. The carpet is from Mason Artist.

Plan and distribution of the house

Ideas for an urban terrace:

- Place outdoor furniture that is easily cleaned. Keep in mind that pollution makes them dirty rather than in an open field environment. Those made of synthetic fabrics are kept passing a cloth with soap and water.

- As soon as the cold and rain begin, protect the furniture with covers. Be sure to keep them very clean to prevent dirt from damaging them in the winter.

- Since you live in the city, why don't you conceive the terrace as an extension of the living room? If you like sunbathing on a sun lounger, place a side table next to it and you will have an outdoor reading area.

- Your accessories can also carry an urban seal. Choose cushions, pots and even vases with a design that allows them to decorate the interior of the house in the winter season.