A charming penthouse

A charming penthouse

Spacious, cosmopolitan and with a certain rustic air in its structure, this attic located in the Madrid centerIn addition, it has the added advantage of a surprising interior decoration. And it is not surprising since both his degree in Fine Arts, and the traveling spirit of its owner, Lola Castejón, are reflected in each environment. Founding partner of the multi-space Oliphant and creative designer, Lola resides here with her partner and their son.

The House of a single plant, It has the standard division of urban housing: a living room that, due to its length, shares space with the dining room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms. These last three rooms along with the pavement were rehabilitated, so the reform was quite bearable. Its owners decided keep the exposed wooden beams and, far from concealing them, they simply treated them to avoid moisture and varnished them. Being an attic, the house has a generous terrace, of which Lola is especially proud, because she has turned it into a nice garden where the family comes to life when the weather accompanies.

As for the interior decoration, Lola was not in favor of a single style; That's why your home has become a wise mix of pieces. We find the same modern designs, like a Vitra chair, of that season, with a Louis XVI sofa, nordic, many of the furniture are from Ikea, junk, that no antiques, or pieces brought from your stay in the Big Apple. Of course, all of them customized by Lola herself to give them her own personality. The result is an original house in which furniture, despite its diversity, marries perfectly, thanks to the chromatic uniformity of whites and browns.

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A simple bookcase, an extra large floor lamp, a Chinese closet, a romantic piano, cages of family heritage ... is the varied panorama offered by the living room. And, in spite of its different origins, the curious thing is that nothing is left, everything perfectly.

The owner: Lola Castejón

Artist and entrepreneur. The owner of this original attic, Lola Castejón, poses in a corner of her house. His creative and dreamy personality is guessed in the choice of furniture and accessories, all of them very special.

Natural beams

When the house was acquired, it presented the ceilings of the rooms with exposed wooden beams. Far from eliminating or concealing them, their conservation was chosen. A coat of varnish was enough to preserve its rustic style. Even a column was used to visually separate the living room from the dining room.
Decorative details: Neat floral arrangements

Care flower arrangements

Natural or dried flowers, plants and flowers are present throughout the house. In the living room, in the bedroom and, of course, on the terrace decorate and aromatize the rooms.

Sofas for sitting or lying down

In a chaise longue of current design or in a two-seater Louis XVI style model, acquired in an antique shop and customized by Lola Castejón, the seating options offered by the lounge are varied. It all depends on the mood or the degree of fatigue with which the owners arrive at their home.

Decorative details: Animalario

The love for biology of Lola Castejón can be seen in the illustrations made by herself and framed with great delicacy. Dragonflies and beetles are the only insects well received in the house.

Pointed to white

The choice of this shade as finishing parts and coatings allowed the cordial coexistence of objects of various styles and provenances. Left: white modules, from Ikea. Chair, from Vitra. Coffee table, of a restoration workshop

Clear and bright dining room

Dining table, Habitat. Chairs reupholstered by Lola Castejón, owner of the house.

The dining room lamp

The originality of the metal: a sculptural-looking structure, located on the dining room table, serves as a candle holder and on the ceiling, an original support serves as the basis for the glass bottle lamp, by Oliphant.

Exquisite terrace

The inhospitable space that the owners found when acquiring the house has nothing to do with the peaceful atmosphere that is now breathed. To the teak furniture and cushions, designed by Lola Castejón, a good number of planters and climbing plants that give life to this space are added. Crockery by Oliphant.

Kitchen: basic design

Walls, tiles, furniture and appliances add to white, color that provides a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness. Kitchen furniture, from Ikea. Oliphant paintings.

Kitchen detail

Even the details add to the trend of the target: boats, boxes or the narrow shelves that house a good number of condiments. Dishes and specters, from Oliphant.

Dormer children's bedroom

The children's room is, at the same time, a place of rest and study. Its attic roof gives it a certain charm. Wooden rocking chair, family heritage. Habitat bed. Study table, chair and quilt, from Ikea. Pillowcase, from Zara Home.

Toys around the world

In the study furniture of the children's bedroom a shelf has been dedicated to placing some of the most colorful toys of the little one in the house. Tin and wood, belong to different stores and many of them sneaked into the suitcase after some trip.

Vintage bathroom

An old console rescued from a container serves as the basis for a designer washbasin. Next to it, a towel rail meets storage needs. Console customized by Lola Castejón. Shelving unit with wire netting, from Oliphant. Above it, laboratory boats purchased at an Antwerp antique shop.

Exempt bathtub

The children's bathroom area has an exempt, vintage bathtub with claw feet, acquired by Lola Castejón.

Main bedroom

The furniture in the simple bedroom revolves around the spacious double bed. Table lamp, from Ikea. White quilt and gray blanket, from In Dietro. Cushions, of diverse origin: Zara Home, acquired in London and made by Lola. Round mirror by Oliphant

Delicate decorative details

In glass, wood and metal: transparent boxes, paperweight, frames with and without photos, illustrations made by Lola ... is the elegant composition that is displayed on this magnificent vintage furniture. Memories with history from different trips through as many countries.

Master bedroom bathroom

To avoid awkward waiting, each bedroom has its own bathroom. This bathroom, with shower, belongs to that of adults; Washbasin module, from Ikea. Accessories, by Oliphant.

Mirror Mirror

Large or small mirror, magnifying, hung on the wall or hand, the mirrors multiply in the small bathroom with a specific objective: provide depth to the few meters of the room.