How to have a perfect nightstand

How to have a perfect nightstand


It is our bed companion, the last thing we see before closing our eyes and the first thing we see when we wake up, our great ally when we wake up in the middle of the night ... The bedside table is one of the furniture we use most every day, That is why special attention must be paid when selecting and equipping it. Follow these 5 tips to get it.

1. Size issue

The important thing at the time of choose the bedside table It is not the width or the bottom, but the height. The bedside table should have a height similar to that of our mattress or a little lower, you can never exceed it. This way we make sure that accessing it is easier when we are lying down. Take the steps well before embarking on the hunt for one.

2. Large capacity

There are many offerings of tables on the market, both in shapes and materials and colors, but, without a doubt, those that have some space to store are the most useful. Although some shelves will be a great change, if you choose one with drawers or doors you can also hide all those that you do not want to be visible ...

3. Well equipped

You can not miss on your bedside table some kind of bowl or tray, to take off your accessories, and a lamp. The size? It should never occupy more than half of the surface of the bedside table and it is better not to exceed the headboard height. If you do not have enough space, consider placing a wall sconce or installing a ceiling lamp with a long cable.

4. Style touches

Stylist Emily Henderson always recommends having three elements: one horizontal (like a tray), one vertical (like the lamp) and some sculptural (which can be from a sculpture to a flower). In addition, make sure you have straight and rounded shapes, and stay within a palette of three colors, so that the result is consistent.

5. Personal matters

Finally, place photographs, family memories or some kind of art that makes you smile every morning when the alarm sounds. Also think about the routines you have before going to sleep and your needs during the night and equip your bedside table well with what you need: hand cream to hydrate or a bottle of water in case you are thirsty, for example.

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