A small renovated penthouse with large terrace in the city center

A small renovated penthouse with large terrace in the city center

Pablo Sarabia

The large terrace and the possibilities of improvement of this penthouse, located in the center of Madrid, they loved the owner couple from minute one. Therefore, they put all their effort into reforming it to get more meters and better distributed. The original distribution had a dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a terrace of generous proportions to which they decided to subtract space to create a living room that would be integrated into the dining room. The old step, which gave access to the terrace, has become separator element of both zones.

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Simple and comfortable, the new living room won on the terrace communicates with it through metal doors. Inside, the discreet furniture mixes designer pieces with other used ones. Armchair acquired in a flea market and reupholstered with denim, from the firm Ribes & Casals. Floor lamp, Olive Lighting.

Mini shelves to display ornaments

On the wall were placed cubes at different heights that serve as mini shelves to display ornaments and small seedlings (see step by step VIDEO). In front of the sofa, two round tables were placed, one recovered and varnished and the other made with pallets. Sofa with chaise longue, glass vase and ceramic cups, from Ikea.
Printed cushions, from Zara Home and with message, from Kenay Home.

Dining room at two heights

A step delimits the living room of the dining room, leaving both environments at a different height. In front of the sofa a work shelf, which occupies the entire wall, was hidden behind sliding glass doors to the acid in which the light is reflected. The TV was installed centered and at the precise distance. Blue cotton rug by Kenay Home.

Outdoor dining room with wooden pergola

A wooden pergola is the structure responsible for protecting the area from the sun's rays. For the outdoor dining room we chose a steel furniture and synthetic braided rattan with tempered glass board and 4 armchairs with cushions and folding backrest. These when not used can be stacked on top of each other to optimize space. Kubic Nazarë Set, by Leroy Merlin (€ 469).


Green tablecloth and patterned tableware

As for textiles, a tablecloth covers the entire table and, on it, individual ones were placed on which the colorful tableware stands out. Coquettish little glasses with aligned carnations decorate while separating the spaces of each diner. Green tablecloth and printed tableware, by Leroy Merlin. Glasses (€ 5.99 each) and glass cup (€ 7.99 each), from Zara Home. Wooden cutlery, Tiger.

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Colored lanterns for outdoor

Although the reform meant subtracting meters from the terrace, its dimensions are still more than enough to place a large dining room and enjoy pleasant evenings with friends. On the roof of hurdle and wisteria, some casual lanterns of color were illuminated that illuminate and decorate the exterior. Luminous garlands, from Ikea.

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White painted beams

During the renovation on one of the walls, a beam was visible that was decided to integrate by painting it in white, like the rest of the room, and turning it into a false ceiling with focal light. The same happened at the entrance where a setback forced to suppress the door and leave an open space as access to the dining room.

Dining room with sliding doors

The dining room is integrated or independent of the kitchen thanks to the installation of sliding doors that leave the rail mechanism in sight. While cooking, the doors remain closed so that odors do not spread throughout the house. Then, once seated at the table, the doors open and the space becomes more comfortable and visits to the kitchen more comfortable.

L-shaped kitchen

The kitchen, covered with white tiles, has a new image: the partition that separated it from the dining room has been removed by replacing it with sliding doors and the old online distribution has given way to a better one, in the form of L. An ox eye to a side allows ventilation and the entry of natural light. On the opposite side, it has its replica.


Chrome lamp with retro touch

On the ceiling, on the dining table, slides an elegant chrome lamp, a vintage piece from the late 60s that gives a certain industrial air to the environment. Wood and metal again repeat prominence in the dining room thus giving continuity to the kitchen.

Classic cut round table

The dining room is chaired by a round table with a classic cut that changes its shape to oval when it is extended to receive guests. The table was beheaded and painted in an elegant gray tone. Now it looks that splendid, it is not surprising that it captures all eyes.


Work shelving

To give a touch of color to the work shelf, it was decided to line the white shelves with delicate patterned papers. In this way, when the sliding door is ajar and reveals its interior, the detail of the shelves is surprising, as well as the careful order with which books, speakers and decorative figurines are placed.

Lookout windows

The so-called bow windows or gazebo windows provide depth to the space. In this kitchen space, an auxiliary furniture has been placed that serves to store the dishes and its countertop allows small appliances to be on hand. Vertical slats curtains, from Kaaten. Sideboard by Habitat. Lamps, Olive Lighting. Bench with iron foot, acquired in street market.


DIY brick wall and headboard

In the bedroom we find another viewpoint or bow windows whose attic discovers a brick wall seen that was respected and updated with a metallic profile. A double bed, a bedside table and a family inheritance desk, accompanied by a recovered Thonet chair, make up the simple furniture.As the double bed lacked a headboard, the owners chose to make a homemade one with brightly colored upholstered boards (here We tell you how to do it) that brighten the stay. Gray cotton bedspread and patterned cushions, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Yellow cushions, from Kenay Home.

Bathroom with wardrobe

The entrance hall that gives access to the bathroom was somewhat dark. To solve it, an ox eye was placed at one end and on the opposite, a mirror that occupies the entire wall. The light is reflected in the glass and in the sliding door thus multiplying the light intensity of this area that gains in clarity.
The old meter room has now become a large closet for coats. The door was paneled with a metal sheet that gives it that industrial air that is repeated throughout the house. To subtract seriousness, it was customized with fun dragonflies and letters that make it clear what it stores inside.


Attic floor plans before and after the renovation

The partition that separated the kitchen from the dining room was removed and instead some sliding doors from translucent crystal that hide or integrate the zones, to the pleasure of the owners. The dinning room now gain in luminosity and freedom of movement. The kitchen also underwent a new distribution because it went from having all the furniture aligned to an L-shaped arrangement.

The bathroom underwent a slight change, the bidet was dispensed with and that space was used to make a closet in the hallway. The bedroom stayed as it was, with the only caveat that a headboard hand made, So far nonexistent. It is worth highlighting its viewpoints or bow windows, that we also find in the dining room and that perfectly fulfill their role: to give depth to the spaces.

As for the coatings, the house was painted all white and the oak flooring, while the kitchen and bathroom were covered with practical vinyl floors.

As for the decoration, a mixture of well-matched styles predominates (vintageindustrial Nordic…) Where wood and metal are the main materials. The furniture is a wise mix of inherited design pieces, purchased at street markets or recovered. And as a climax, the cozy and pleasant terrace is furnished with a rattan table and chairs. In it, and how could it be less, life is practically made when time accompanies. A wooden pergola, covered with hurdle and plants, ensures perpetual shadow.