A current house

A current house

The decorator David Outumuro took care of this project spectacular penthouse, located on the edge of the sea, facing a Galician estuary. The main indications that the owners gave to the interior designer were that the house was opened to the outside, that the spaces were wide, there were no obstacles in the passageways and that in the created environments, clarity and warmth predominated. Following these guidelines, David developed a project that has managed to give the house a current image with a personal style. The prominence in each room is monopolized by modern furniture, with a refined design, and mixtures of textures and materials, which always have white, toasted and beige tones as a link.

In addition, the house has a luxury space: the large terrace overlooking the sea, which is accessed from the living room and also from the master bedroom, and that provides abundant natural light to the entire house. In the living room, rectangular, the decorator created two environments delimited by tatami carpets: the living area, located near the windows, and the dining room, towards the bottom. In the first, the seats form a U around a coffee table in wood and glass, designed by the Galician firm María Martínez Otero. But, without a doubt, it is the masonry fireplace with marble mouth the one that chairs the room.

It is flanked by two stripped showcases and blade doors, that form a symmetrical front and manage to create a sense of order and balance. The current style is also maintained in the dining room, marked by a large table of refined lines, also by the firm María Martínez Otero, and rattan chairs, although more classic and striking details were introduced here, such as amber glass ceiling lamp with tears and a large mirror with its carved molding.

For the bedroom and the bathroom integrated in it, one had to think of a color that, in addition to giving clarity, would provide warmth to the environment. A light ocher wallpaper with some texture that mimics decorative painting techniques. In the bathroom, only wallpaper on the top of the wall of the areas less exposed to water was used. In contrast to the ocher tone, the chocolate color was chosen to upholster the headboard and varnish the oak wood worktop where the sink is embedded. It is precisely this combination that gives visual continuity to the two spaces. For its part, the kitchen, distributed in a U-shape, was decorated with dark wood furniture. To counteract, the tiles and the countertop were chosen in light tones.

The terrace is accessed from the living room and bedroom through large windows dressed in wooden slats and elegant natural silk falls. The attention here is the spectacular design of the railing, in steel and glass.

Advertising - Read on below The attic terrace offers privileged views of the Galician estuaries.

In it two environments were created: dining room and sunbathing area. Aluminum furniture, from Kettal. Cushion on the deckchair, from TTY, for sale in La Vieja Mina.

The furniture in the living area was distributed around the fireplace.

It was possible to create a pleasant sense of order by placing two showcases, from Group 13, on both sides of the fireplace. Zeta coffee table, designed by María Martínez Otero, for sale at David Outumuro's studio. Coffee set and leather trunk, for sale in La Vieja Mina.

View of the living room with the dining room in the background, where a large mirror, of Group 13, with carved molding.

In both, light, beige and toasted tones, and the mixture of textures in upholstery and furniture predominate. The Caribbean sofa by Maher, and the carpet, by Naturtex, are from David Outumuro's studio.

In the living area

wooden shutters were placed on the windows to better regulate the entry of natural light. Concha Bay armchairs, for sale in La Vieja Mina. Hanger silk curtains, from Canvas of the Gazules.


In order not to obstruct the passage to the terrace, a long and narrow oriental console was placed in the living room, which decorates the front of the wall and allows it to move easily.

The dining room was decorated with modern design furniture,

although he wanted to introduce a classic note in the environment with a glass tear lamp. Chairs rotate in Group 13. The Diagonal table, designed by María Martínez Otero, and the tatami rug are from David Outumuro's studio. Glassware, crockery and roads, from La Vieja Mina.

To give more warmth to the kitchen, wooden fronts were chosen.

In contrast to the dark pavement, the countertop, the baseboard and the walls are clear. Only the cooking zone was tiled to bevel; The rest of the kitchen was painted. Siemens oven.

In the master bedroom the ocher and chocolate colors form a natural and warm combination.

On the ocher background, the dark headboard upholstered with a Gazules Canvas fabric stands out. Buti and cushions, from La Vieja Mina. Bedside tables and bench, Concha Bay. Wallpaper, by Élitis.

From the bedroom you can access the terrace directly through glazed doors.

Its opening is sliding so as not to reduce useful surface neither inside nor outside.

The bathroom, with a separate shower cubicle, was decorated in the same tones of the bedroom to unify the two environments.

The washbasin cabinet, in solid oak wood varnished in wenge color, is a design by David Outumuro. Complements of L'Occitante, in La Vieja Mina.

In the guest bedroom

the blue color combined with beige was introduced, as in other environments of the house. Headboard and bedside table, from Group 13. Bench and curtains, from Lienzo de los Gazules. Quilt and quadrants, from La Vieja Mina.