Five ways to dress the bed in summer

Five ways to dress the bed in summer

Dressing the bed in summer is a delight. White stars the best bets in lighter textiles than winter ones. The Nordics and the wool blankets are kept in the closet for a few months and the linen, the fine point and the silk comes out.

Stay with a couple of embroidered bedspreads to cover the sheets (do not leave them in sight) and join the fever of the cushions that they propose in all the firms, especially in Zara Home, combining white tones with creams, champagne and beige.

Another of the combinations that we like the most is the one that moves us completely to the Mediterranean through fabrics such as linen and the combination with the blue ocean. They know it well at H&M Home. You can be inspired by this beautiful proposal in white and blue.

H&M Home

In white and blue we are also left with the delicate bet of Zara Home in which they have combined with the headboard of the bed in the form of a screen in white cushions decorated with borders embroidered in blue, in the same tones as the bedspread covering the bed in The intermediate part. Another summer bet to be inspired when making the bed.

Full color

If there is an idea that fascinates us, this is Primark's. A full color bet inspired by the Mexican territories and their folklore. Paisley embroidery is mixed with geometric figures asymmetrically (with bedspreads that cover the bed from the diagonal). In the pillow area, all possible shapes are combined without any pattern other than the striking colors. Live the summer!

Neutral elegance

The most classic will prefer the Zara Home option in which the classic tones Dress the bed from head to toe. The gold and beige take center stage and only a couple of daring cushions dare with the stripes. The rest, all smooth and monochrome. Tab this idea for a masterful and elegant bet.