Our prayers have been heard: open the Ice Cream Museum

Our prayers have been heard: open the Ice Cream Museum

After the success of New York and Los Angeles (cities where tickets sold out within hours), the Museum of Ice Cream (Ice Cream Museum in Spanish) reaches its third destination: San Francisco.

A historic building in the city center welcomes this place of pilgrimage for ice cream lovers that has ten interactive facilities that we can enjoy with the five senses. Lucky visitors can enter a cave with caramel walls or a psychedelic room with rainbows and unicorns and dive into the pool with one hundred million sweet confetti.

In addition, tastings of the best ice cream parlors in California will be made and can be purchased merchandising exclusive.
Photos: Katie Gibbs

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This armored door gives access to the paradise of ice cream lovers.

50's dinner

The bar is inspired by those of the 50s but everything is bubblegum pink.


Put your favorite song while enjoying a good ice cream.

Golden years

The utensils to enjoy a good ice cream in version golden.

Swimming pool

This pool with one hundred million sweet confetti has become the main attraction.

Sweet dip

It is the most instagrammed space in the entire museum.

An ice cream?

During your visit you can taste different flavors of ice cream.

Rainbow and unicorns

The perfect space to take a picture.

Color psycholedia

An overdose of color and good vibes.


To access the silver room.

Secret passage

You will feel like a child again.


View of the room with walls covered with cream cans.

Enchanted garden

Enter this candy forest XXL.

The icing on the cake

A sky of sweet clouds and sour cherries.

In the sky Pop Rocks Cave

Tribute to these candies similar to petazetas.


Each of the 10 facilities allows you to interact with it.