A penthouse with terrace on the coast

A penthouse with terrace on the coast

The decoration of this summer house, located in a urbanization of the gaditana coast, is so careful that it could be applied to any city floor. This, precisely, was the objective of its owners, a family that lives outside of Spain and only uses the attic for their vacations.

The interior designer José Antonio Gómez-Bornes He was commissioned to decorate it with charm, so that it would be as cozy as his usual home, but with the appropriate solutions so that its maintenance was not complicated. To achieve these objectives, Gómez-Bornes turned to a successful combination of white pickled pine furniture and designs in acacia wood and rotate that clarify the coldness of excessively light tones. Upholstery, of a luminous white, they were chosen from microfiber -a material treated against dirt- and removable, to facilitate cleaning. As a backdrop, neutral coatings were chosen that multiplied the natural light typical of the Cadiz coast and, at the same time, they will create warm environments. The walls and ceilings were painted ivory, separated by a white plaster molding, which is also used to hide the curtain rods. The floor was paved with marble and covered with carpets of natural materials, such as bamboo.

One of the most attractive areas is the terrace, where the family spends much of the day. It created a cozy seating area with loom furniture and striped mats, covered by a sliding awning which allows you to enjoy the outdoors even in the hottest hours. The bedrooms were decorated with very light furniture and patterned curtains in very bright tones that break the chromatic monotony in each room. The kitchen was designed with very functional criteria and furnished with blue polylaminate cabinets in the low modules and finished in the high ones, so as not to recharge the environment. Finally, a washbasin cabinet was made in the bathroom that solved the storage problem. In short, a practical and charming decoration that allows owners to enjoy their leisure months while feeling comfortable in their own home.

Advertising - Continue reading below In the living room, the contrast between the white seats and the coffee table, made of acacia wood, stands out.

So that the sofas, which are removable, were more easily maintained, they were upholstered with a microfiber. Casagrande: sofas, bamboo carpet and red leather lamp. From El Baúl: coffee table, armchairs and paintings.

The terrace is one of the most cozy areas of the house.

The floor was paved with a stoneware that mimics mud and on the roof a sliding awning was installed that keeps the area in shadow. Loom furniture - an easy-to-clean synthetic material - is from Kettal, for sale in Casagrande.

The living area was located next to the windows, dressed in linen blinds and curtains of raw canvas.

The armchairs were stripped in white, in tune with the upholstery of the sofas. On them, the red cushions put a note of liveliness.

The kitchen.

So that the space does not seem reloaded, it was furnished with polylaminate cabinets of different finishes: the low ones, in blue and the high ones, in color there are.

The dining room was located next to the living area, near the kitchen to make it comfortable to move the food to the table.

The furniture materials - acacia wood for the table and rotate for the chairs - create a very cozy atmosphere. Table and chairs for sale in El Baúl.

In the girls' bedroom, light tones predominate, with the headboards and the white pickled pine table and tone bedspreads.

To break the color uniformity, the blind was made with a fabric printed with flowers, which combines with the quadrants. Headboard and bedside table, from El Baúl.

In the bathroom the problem of storage was taken into account.

To solve it, the sink was embedded in a countertop and underneath was a custom furniture with drawers, shelves for storing toiletries inside baskets and a closet with glass fronts and curtains.

The doors.

Throughout the house corrugated doors and lacquered in white were placed to further multiply the magical light of the Cadiz coast.

In the main room, smooth silk quadrants were placed on the bed, in keeping with the pattern of the curtains.

Headboard and bedside table, from El Baúl. Cushions in Casagrande. Curtains made with Almendro Lacre fabric, from Icíar de la Concha; in 1.40 m.

Natural tones.

Colors inspired by the tones of nature are perfect for summer homes. These, of the firm Titanlak, are 1414 Ivory, 1473 Hazelnut and 1405 Red China.