Adorable paper rabbits

Adorable paper rabbits

Have a fun afternoon DIY With your children cutting out cardboard silhouettes in different sizes, recover some stuffed rabbit from your room that, surely, they have. And for the Bunny family to be complete, don't forget the textiles. Your house will become an impromptu burrow!

- A white table runner 50 cm wide approx.
- Black textile paint.
- Black cardboard.
- Skewer sticks.
- Brush and roller.
- Scissors.
- Spray glue.
- Double sided adhesive strips.
- White pompoms.

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So that the motif is perfectly drawn on the fabric, first review the silhouette of the figure with a brush; This way you will define its outline better. Then use the roller to fill the inside. Instead of painting, you can also use transfer paper and pass the drawing to the fabric with the iron.

Silhouettes Template

Search the Internet for templates of rabbit silhouettes in different positions. Print them and paste them on the black cardboard leaving the same distance between them. Cut them out and reserve the cardboard silhouettes and then do another craft.

Black ink roller

Place the cardboard with the die cut silhouettes on the tablecloth. Fix it, if you want, with bodybuilder tape to prevent it from moving. Impregnate the black ink roller and run it through the holes until they are well painted. Let dry.

Pompom as a tail

Lift the template and sew or glue on each rabbit a pompom, as a tail. Replace the template in another area of ​​the tablecloth and repeat the operation as many times as you want the bunnies to multiply along the fabric.

Place dice or adhesive strip

Gather the silhouettes cut out above. Take a skewer stick and stick it in the middle of a cardboard silhouette. Place a die or an adhesive strip on each of the four ends.

Second Silhouette Paste

Paste a second silhouette behind each card. Be careful that they match perfectly. In this way, you will ensure that the stick is not visible.

Finished ornament

You already have your rabbit ornament finished. Place it where you feel like it: in a pot, in a vase, alone or accompanied, or as part of a spectacular centerpiece, as in the picture, to match the tablecloth.

Trio of rabbits

Trio of skewers: decorate your indoor pots with a funny trio of rabbits stuck in wooden sticks, of which they are used to make skewers. Choose them in different positions, sitting on their hind legs or about to start a career. Prick them on the ground avoiding damaging the plant stems. Place the pot in the dining room as a center. Ideal!

Flower pot with wild flowers

Inspirational duo: if the entrance console seems to be somewhat empty, nothing better than to brighten it with a pot of delicate wild flowers. And to give it the Easter touch, decorate it with some skewers of loving rabbits. The lobby will look like another with this fun couple so well avenue.

Horizontal Striped Vase

An exclusive vase: change the image of the vase of a lifetime painting it with horizontal stripes. The bicolor game continues with the subtle contrast of a classic bouquet of white roses and a curious climbing rabbit.

Multiplied bunnies

Multiplied: on the table, in the pots and even hung on the shelf !, as in the image. Glue some adhesive strips behind the silhouettes and fix cardboard rabbits wherever you want: on the wall, on the baseboards in the living room, in the bathroom mirror, in the fridge ... It's an invasion!