A penthouse with double height

A penthouse with double height

An impressive perspective in which the hall, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen are chained welcome This penthouse, located in a historic building in Madrid de los Austrias, That in the past was a convent. Gabriel Asdrúbal, interior architect and owner of this house, signs a functional interior design, Warm and rich in nuances. The architect Ignacio Aguado Ortego was in charge of structural advice in the initial phase of the project. Sloping ceilings, exposed beams, brick walls and environments at different levels they mark a decoration that uses these elements to shine.

The common areas were raised open to each other, as a loft, in a constant search for breadth. From the bedroom you can access the bedrooms: three in total, with integrated bathroom in each of them, since the owner likes to make his guests feel at home, with total privacy and independence. Thus, in addition to the main room, the house has a double room with dressing room and loft and a multipurpose space for visits or as an evasion area to relax or read.

The unit of materials is a constant in the house: polished cement on the floor, ivory paint on the walls, ceilings and vaults and details in industrial iron and wood. The idea was to respect the style of the original construction. The furniture collaborates in the result with pieces designed by the architect, as well as others of family heritage or industrial design icons. Other details of the project that were especially affected were the lighting -planned to create a suggestive atmosphere next to Groove Lighting and Ilumisa- and the air conditioning -through underfloor heating and the Altherma efficient system, developed by Daikin-.

The natural elegance of the interiors is the result of the alliance between the structural and the decorative. In the rehabilitation work the perfect frames and the possibilities of the light have been discovered. An impeccable project, which falls in love with the naked eye.

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Gabriel Asdrúbal is responsible for the interior design of this project in which color, elegance and warmth make up a harmony of leisurely rhythms. The choice of materials - polished cement on the pavement and the same ivory-colored paint on the walls, ceilings and vaults throughout the house - wrapped pieces chosen with great care.

Fireplace, of Fire Craftsmen.

Decorative stairs

In this house, organized on several levels,
The stairs are another decorative element. The industrial iron steps communicate a wide gallery of access to the house with the day area: a being open to the dining room and integrated, in turn, in the kitchen.

The photographic work It belongs to Gabriel Asdrúbal. Ball tinted glass and blue warm, from Anmoder.

Decorative resources

The tones used, the change of height in the floor and the lighting of each zone mark the subtle limit of the three environments that follow one another: kitchen, dining room and living room.

Sofa designed by Gabriel Asdrúbal and made by Tapicerías Joyca. Armchairs vintage, designed by Chon Izquierdo and reupholstered in sackcloth. Table with black foot and wool carpet, from Anmoder.

Mix of styles and pieces

More current and other pieces of retro inspiration, inheritance or recovered share space in harmony. The richness of nuances it brings to the whole is undeniable.

An ideal dining room for gatherings

The composition of this transitional dining room ensures calm tabletops around an extendable square table, designed by the interior architect and made of oak by Ebanistería Gabilondo. In the wall, in some niches of work the utensils and other complements are organized.

Lamp roof vintage.

Brick walls seen recovered

The brick seen, original of the convent that was once the building in which this house is located, appears on the walls of this area. The kitchen furniture, with pure lines and without handles, is incorporated into the set without frights.

Furniture, designed by Asdrúbal and made by Estudio Cocinarte.

A practical dining table

The dining table, located between the kitchen and the living room, is an architect's design, which allows you to earn a few centimeters by sliding the board. From 8 closed diners it hosts up to 12 extended. It is manufactured in several sizes upon request.

Art Gallery

The large hall with which this house has become a place to display photographs, all signed by Gabriel Asdrúbal. They rest on an industrial iron shelf.

Car, from Anmoder.

Bathroom in sight

Open and integrated with expertise in the bedroom. A sink area that adapts to the setback of the floor, a door that gives privacy to the toilet and a unique cabin, which insulates the bathtub.
The mirror, the lamp and the golden silk bedspread are of family heritage.

Original work shower

The design of the cockpit cabin and its interior finish in polished cement reminiscent of the ancient Roman baths. Its location takes advantage of the lower stairwell through which the guest bedroom is accessed.

First of all, functionality

When this rehabilitation was planned it was one of the priorities. Next to the bathtub of the main bedroom, these drawers were designed to store towels.

Vital tone in the bedroom

Exquisite pieces provide subtle nuances in a masterful mix of styles. A color range
varied and fresh catches the light that seeps through the window, oriented to one of the convent courtyards.

Plaid velvet and green cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Seat of wood, for sale in Calma Chechu. Small table block in red, by Anmoder.

A custom bathroom

Gabriel Asdrúbal proposed the reform so that each bedroom had its own bathroom. In this case, although of small dimensions, it has natural light and unparalleled views over the rooftops of Madrid.

Multifunction room

This environment that remains on the kitchen is accessed by a staircase of stairs flown from the living room. The inclination of the ceiling, the original beams of the 17th century and the zenith light personalize a room for the guests or as a corner of escape.

Chair, from Calma Chechu. Carpet
and cushions, of Gastón and Daniela.

Take advantage of each space

In the area where the ceiling loses height a sliding door closet has been created. In addition, the structure that supports the mattress has several drawers.

Ideas that contribute

Between the exposed wooden beams, the roof to the Madrid sky opens through a roof window. In this bedroom two wooden tatamis were ordered, which isolate the mattresses from the floor, but at the same time practically do not lift them from the floor, which is very successful in rooms with sloping ceilings.

Tatamis of wood, made by Ebanistería Gabilondo.

Good communication

The dressing room, the washbasin and the shower, arranged on the same front, are hidden or communicated through fixed panels or sliding glass and plasterboard, which slide along metal guides.

Bath and loft

The exceptional ceiling height of this shared bedroom has been made profitable with a storage space over the bathroom, which is accessed through an exempt ladder. A wooden sliding panel maxi moves to hide or show the dressing room and the bathroom.

The stairs of reclaimed wood is from the Havana Decor store.

Get more out of it

Through ingenious ideas made to measure, the space could be expanded, double uses made profitable
or gain surfaces. Like this wooden table that has an extensible piece, which is collected when it is not used.

First floor plan

The double room, with dressing room, bathroom and loft, is located on a higher level than is accessed from the living area.

Ground floor plan. This is how the suite was organized

On the ground floor are the common areas, what They were raised open, as a lof, and the bedroom with bathroom, type suite room.

◾ An original distribution and a project that uses materials are the keys to
this room type suite room, which integrates the bathroom and the rest area, without yielding an iota
of the intimacy that each of the environments require in the day to day, although they are shared.
◾ The bathtub, made of the same polished cement that covers the floor of the house, is delimited by a transparent glass screen. For natural light to reach the interior cabin in which the toilet is located, the partition that borders the bathtub is made of translucent glass.

Mezzanine plan

On the kitchen there is a third bedroom, with the integrated bathroom, which is also used as a multipurpose space.