Natural remedies against ant pests

Natural remedies against ant pests

It seems that when one appears, there is no end point. A plague arises behind it and sometimes it is difficult to end it. Leaving food scraps in the garden, a garbage bag without closing ... with the heat, in addition, these annoying pests proliferate that end up being a problem. Finish it with these natural remedies.


- Create your own natural "pesticide" with a equal vinegar and water solution, 50-50 and apply in the affected areas with a vaporizer.

- Use a few lavender branches. They scare them away naturally.

- Also the mint It is effective to scare away these, though harmless, annoying insects.

- Another remedy that works best against ant pests: the ground cinnamon.

- Similarly you can use the ground parsley as a natural solution in the battle against ants.

- They ensure that they are very effective. Place them near where the invasion is and you'll see how with the cucumber peels, disappear.

- The smell of ground clove It will also make them run away quickly. Test it!

- And as it seems that the smell is the key to disappear these annoying bugs, another of the most used remedies is the Garlic. How do you read it? (No, they are not vampires).