Coating or painting? Ideas to renovate your bathroom

Coating or painting? Ideas to renovate your bathroom

A large design with a wide frame is somewhat disproportionate. Better choose two smaller ones and, if the bathroom is small, clear them without moldings. You will visually duplicate the wall.

With built-in sinks or countertops, the washbasin furniture must be functional and adaptable to the bathroom space. The perfect model is the one that incorporates a sink and closet at the same time, does not reach the floor and leaves the shelves exposed to the eye.

Modern or vintage, the bathtubs return as a complement to the shower. If you place it attached to the wall, you will save meters, while if you place it in the center, you will gain a super exclusive space.

A stool, a towel rack, matching textiles, beautiful packaging, a vase with dried flowers and candles are the must-haves that you should not miss in your bathroom. Everything in a strategic place, so that it is really functional.

Porcelain or granite are two good options to cover the bathroom; but if you are fascinated by the warmth of the wood, opt for a laminate that achieves that finish. Its moisture resistance makes it perfect.

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Coating or painting? It all depends on the finish you want to print in your bathroom. Patterned or embossed tiles will give dynamism to the walls; granite and mosaics, elegance; while if you paint, you should choose a synthetic enamel with Teflon®. Colors of the World, in white and stone, by Bruguer.

The handmade touch

Do you want to get an original detail? Get a wood, sand it and paint it. Fix several beautiful knobs or, as in this case, pieces of pipe and stopcocks. Discover the tutorial at


Light, stable and resistant. Step stool Mästerby, from Ikea (€ 29.99).

Rattan basket

To have the towel at hand. Rattan Basket in Turquoise Hjalmar, from Affari (check price).


Liquid soap dispenser

Wooden plate

Wooden plate Wash, in 20 x 15 x 3.80 cm; It is Very Very Much (€ 4.99).

Face towels

Soft to the touch and blunt colors. Primark face towels (€ 3 / set of 3).

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are easily installed. Creation, from Gerflor (check price).

Porcelain with wood finish

Model Wood maple, from Techlam® (€ 36 / m2).

Pastel Mosaic

Pastel colors for total relaxation. Mosaic Urban Chic, by Hisbalit (€ 57.08 / m2).

In porcelain stoneware

Piece of 60 x 60 cm Arttek, in ivory cream, by Venatto (€ 30.25 / m2).