A 54 m² penthouse with terrace

A 54 m² penthouse with terrace

Your privileged location -on the Cadiz coast- your attic condition -with a large terrace and large windows- and its functional distribution made its current owners encouraged to buy this apartment as soon as they saw it. Once they had acquired it, transforming it into an attractive and cozy home for all seasons of the year was a success over the Interior designers team at the El Baúl decoration shop.

The first step was to study what type of coatings were most suitable for the house. They had to be materials that multiplied the light, but that were not suffocating in summer or cold on the crudest days of winter. The solution was to choose one neutral color palette in the same range: the floor was paved with cream marble and the walls were painted in tune. Also, there were no visual cuts and the spaces seemed wider. However, in the master bedroom a more intimate atmosphere was created by coating the walls in an indigo tone. The selection of furniture met the same criteria: comfortable designs in upholstery and light finishes. On this neutral background, the color and textures of the accessories - such as the cookies that make the dining room wrought iron chairs more comfortable or the rustic silk of the lounge cushions - became the real decorative protagonists.

The windows were also the subject of study. It was advisable to clarify the intense summer sun, but with a fabric that would not impede the passage of light and that would be cozy in winter. That's why they dressed with some cotton curtains, very light, but long so that the abundance of fabric enhances the feeling of warmth. The decoration of the outdoor area also took great care: a comfortable seating area with tropical wooden furniture was organized on the terrace They allow you to enjoy pleasant meals and breakfast outdoors throughout the year.

Advertising - Keep reading below The Salon

It was organized around a gray patinated iron table. The sofa with chaise longue was upholstered in a chenille to tone. Table and lamp, everything, from El Baúl.

The living area

It was visually delimited with a carpet and a pouf. The brightly colored cushions brighten the mood. KP carpet, in Fourth Color. Pouf and cushions, from El Baúl.

To make the room seem wider

A light color that unifies the environment was sought. The floor was chosen in ivory marble and the wall was painted in the same tone to prolong the perspective. Clear furniture and upholstery further enhance this effect.

The dinner room

It was located next to the window, near the living area. It was furnished with a round table and four white patinated iron chairs. To make the seats more comfortable, they were completed with colorful striped cookies. Table and chairs set, table and curtains, from El Baúl.

The kitchen

It was furnished with laminated wood cabinets. Next to the window there was a table to eat daily, which is also useful as a work surface. Table in Casagrande. Chairs, from Ikea.

The hall

It was decorated with a console of very light structure and with little background, so as not to hinder the passage to the living room.

On the terrace

A pleasant seating area was created with tropical wood furniture, which resists moisture and heat from Cádiz. Furniture, by Leroy Merlin. Cushions, candles and vase, from Casagrande.

In the bedroom,

The headboard was chosen in ivory lacquered wood. A leaflet of flowers was hung on top, lighter than a single bulky frame. From El Baúl: headboard, bedside table and lamp.

The bedroom

It was painted in a very soft indigo tone. To make it bright, the window was dressed with curtains of a light cotton voile. The setback was used to locate a dresser that completes the warehouse space. From El Baúl: chest of drawers, table, curtains and buti.


It was covered with marble pieces and with terracotta stucco. The faucets and accessories evoke the designs of yesteryear

Decorative ideas

In the decoration of this house complements in vivid tones were used to animate a monochrome atmosphere.