In the next issue: May

In the next issue: May


The houses from the May issue they show us outdoor spaces that stand out for their cheerful and colorful decoration, very spring. They are environments that look outside, and in which we detail the keys to their interior design -personal and with charme-, their distribution and the reasons that encouraged their owners to decorate and / or reform them. Do not miss them, because they will be but do it with style; the delicate arrangements of a single plant will help you: Lady's mantle


Tips to turn it into a mini spa.


Stylish utensils and recipes to celebrate that the good weather has arrived. In addition, in Guía we will surprise you with well-decorated mini terraces and with the latest plants, orchard and gardens.

The supplement + Practice accompanying the May issue is a monograph on Children's decoration Full of furniture, textiles, details and super practical ideas to take advantage of your room. You'll see how they like it too!

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