An attic with 80 m² terrace

An attic with 80 m² terrace

Framed by bamboo, birds of paradise, marquises, rosemary, thyme and lavender, is the splendid terrace of 80 m2 of this penthouse, located in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona). With views of Montserrat and the Collserola mountain, the breadth of its surface was enough to create two distinct areas - dining room and being - unified by the magnificent awning that covers the entire terrace and the floor of oiled ipe platform, a type of wood very resistant to the weather. Both exterior and interior decoration is the work of the interior designer Mireia Masdeu, who knew how to apply in each environment the light, harmony and relaxation that the owners wanted to achieve. Some stairs connect the terrace with the interior of the house, whose renovation was also carried out by Mireia. The living room, formed by a sofa with chaise longue and a fiber armchair, is illuminated thanks to some work shelves, lacquered in the same color as the wall and with integrated lights. An inherited metal trunk, on which old magazines rest, serves as a coffee table.

The interior designer demolished the wall that divided the kitchen of the living room to create a unique atmosphere in the dining room with a unifying element: the generous container table, with wooden top and legs and iron plates lacquered in white fire that form the storage furniture. As for the master bedroom, it was conceived as a space for rest, providing it with only the essential elements for it: a large bed, the closet and a stool and a folding table that serve as original bedside tables.

The bedroom has its own bathroom coated with porcelain material in anthracite gray, and stone in horizontal format and in cream tones. The same shade as the resin sink countertop and shower curtains. In addition, the same color gamut of the room was chosen in order to achieve a visual harmony and a relaxed atmosphere. It was not in vain that it was intended to be achieved throughout the house.

Advertising - Keep reading below A chill out area on the terrace

On the spectacular wooden-lined terrace, a casual corner was created, presided over by a sofa made with recovered pallets, just like the coffee table with wheels. Both are interior designer design. Texan cushions, by Lu Ink.

Pallet coffee table

Palé coffee table and hydraulic mosaic envelope, from Mosaic del Sur. On the sofa, cushions: linen, Habitat, striped, Natura Casa, and jeans, Lu Ink.

Outdoor dining room under roof

On the other side of the terrace was the dining room, covered by a huge custom awning and surrounded by bamboo planters. Black lacquered iron table and stone top, interior design. Panton chairs, from Vitra. Toldo Veranda, from Catalana de Toldos. Poster and inherited metal vase.

Multifunction furniture in the living room

The practical living room furniture, designed by Mireia Masdeu, has storage capacity and, sometimes, becomes a bench to expand the number of seats. Picture and decorative letters, by Lu Ink. Striped and tablecloth cushions, by Luzio. Crockery by Ikea. Round white tray, from Cado. Curtains screen, Cortinova.

Vintage lounge

On the oak parquet floor stands a Moroccan klim. The seating area consists of a corner sofa in anthracite gray and an armchair made of natural fibers. An inherited metal trunk serves as a coffee table. Sofa with chaise longue, by Themes V. Armchair, by Ikea. Plaid, from Zara Home. Sofa cushions, by Lu Ink. Kílim acquired in Marrakech.

A dining table with storage

The interior designer designed a large table that placed between the dining area and the kitchen, so that on the one hand it serves as such and on the other, it serves as a storage room for dishes. Table made of oak and white lacquered iron, custom designed by Mireia Masdeu. Chairs Eames Plastic Chair, Vitra, in white and with wooden legs.

In the kitchen materials were unified

To illuminate the large dining room table, a suspension lamp was placed, made with strips of wood painted in white. Along the same lines, we chose to place the Eames chairs with the white seat and wooden legs. In the kitchen, high pressure laminate furniture in white was chosen. Victo lamp, by Secto Design distributed by Smon Barcelona. Pair of antique chairs, Vintage 4P. BSB carpet. The tables are from Espacio Brut.

Cooking online

The interior designer designed the upper furniture in order to hide the extractor hood. For the countertop and the front of the kitchen chose Silestone in matt gray expo. The wooden floor here was replaced by ceramic. Low furniture from Santos. Appliances, from Smeg and bell, from Pando. Sink, Franke and faucet, Dornbracht. Wicker basket, from Zara Home.

All in tune in the master bedroom

A closet from floor to ceiling and with the doors lacquered in white serves to have everything tidy. At its feet a rustic carpet formed by united circles was placed, acquired in Stockholm. Bedding, Texture. Necklaces designed by the interior designer Mireia Masdeu.

XL bed in the master bedroom

In the master bedroom a 1.80 m wide column was placed directly on the floor, covered with a carpet, as a tatami. For the lighting, classic design lamps were chosen that serve as ambient light as a focal point. Encore White rug by Hanna Korvela distributed by Smon Barcelona. Stool, from Zara Home and folding table, from Ikea. Parentesi lamps, by Flos. Striped cushion, by Luzio, and printed, by Lu Ink.

Bedside tables of different styles

Bedside tables of different styles are located on each side of the bed. Stool, from Zara Home and folding table, from Ikea. Parentesi lamps, by Flos. Striped cushion, by Luzio, and printed, by Lu Ink.

Bathroom with large shower tray

The shower tray is separated by a linen fall, whose inner face hides a double plastic curtain. Porcelain coating, Acocsa Blue. Resin washbasin, from Mapini. Faucets, from Dornbracht. Sanitary and shower, from Duravit. Linen curtain, from Bath Time in Vinçon.


- With lighting, whether natural or artificial, you get relaxed spaces. To get the precise sunlight, choose screen blinds in white. This fabric absorbs UVA rays and corrects excess brightness. In the choice of lamps, opt for models that provide direct and indirect light.

- Ensure that there are no visual shocks on the walls; To do this, choose the same shade of paint throughout the house. And if you want to highlight something in particular, continue with the same color range, as has been done here on the headboard wall.