How to dye house curtains

How to dye house curtains

1. Insert the curtain in the washing machine Do a wash first and be careful to put it in without bending it.

2. Add a glass of fixing salt in the drum of the washing machine.

3. Put the washing machine in a long wash program, without prewash, and with the water temperature at 80º C.

4. Dissolve the dye in a glass with very hot water.

5. Pour the glass of water with dye through the detergent outlet, when the washing machine is already full of water, and add hot water to drag what is left of the dye.

6. At the end of the program, take out the curtain and let it dry in the shade horizontally.

KEEP IN MIND... For this shade we have used two dye envelopes, since its weight is about 720 g; Remember that the amount of dye depends on the amount of fabric to be dyed. Another tip to achieve a better result is to wash the piece beforehand, to eliminate any remaining sizing or dirt.