Notice to foodies and kitchens: 5 reasons to watch 'Nailed it' on Netflix

Notice to foodies and kitchens: 5 reasons to watch 'Nailed it' on Netflix

They say that intention is what counts and Nailed it, the program that Netflix has just released, wants to reward just that, the intention. Because skill, few have their contestants. In each episode, this talent show (in the antipodes of Master chef) challenges three bakers Fans with little (or no) tomorrow in the kitchen to recreate the perfect desserts we usually see on Pinterest: from a wedding cake with delicate sugar flowers to pop cakes inspired by love, going through pirate donuts or a castle-shaped cake (with princess included). The winner is the one who better (or less badly) does it, valuing both the technique and the taste and earns $ 10,000 that is thrown with a ticket gun. If with this description you have not launched to Netflix to see it, we give you another 5 reasons why this program is worth watching:

1. Because you learn from mistakes

In this case, from the mistakes of others. In the program we discover why it is so important to respect the measures of the recipes, preheat the oven, do not overfill the molds or allow the cake to cool before decorating it. The experts explain step by step how to make the candy in question and with the contestants we discover, in practice, the consequences of not doing it this way.

2. By your presenter

The one in charge of directing the program is the scriptwriter and actress Nicole Byer, accompanied by the French chocolate maker Jacques Torres. His comments are as incisive as hilarious and shows how criticism can be made from maximum empathy. In addition, the contestant who has been worse in the first round has the possibility of activating the Nicole Button so that for a few minutes the presenter distracts her opponents.

Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres at the jury table

3. For the guest pastry chefs

In each program they invite a reputed pastry chef and, not only do we know their trajectory and their work, but we also see them in action when they lend a hand to the contestants or give their opinion on their creations. The jury invited in the first program, Sylvia Weinstock, the queen of the wedding cakes and one of the most adorable people on the planet deserves a special mention. This candy institution, which borders 90 years, has in its client portfolio Oprah, the Clinton, Martha Stewart or Ralph Lauren marriage and Kim Kardashian chose her to create the wedding cake.

4. For the casting of contestants

A grandmother, a lover of martial arts, a retired policeman who says he does not follow the recipe because he does not like to be given orders or a pastry chef (yes, a pastry chef) are some of the brave ones who have submitted to the contest. In their presentation videos they already show that they have few skills with the roll and the pastry bag, but live they manage to overcome themselves (for worse). In his defense we will say that there are cakes with an engineering under the cake impossible to guess and that the time they are given is very fair. As Nicole herself says on one occasion, the best comes when the time begins to end and the contestants pull imagination to be able to finish their work.

An attempt to reproduce a whirlpool cake of aminales

5. Because comparisons (when they favor us) are not so hateful

Do you know those penguins made with fruit that you saw on Pinterest and tried to play at home? Do you remember how disappointing it was to see the result and compare it with the original photo? After seeing what the contestants do of Nailed it They will seem like a work of art and you will be encouraged to try new things.