A marine style house in Nerja

A marine style house in Nerja

Eva and Eli, Spanish she and English he, both residents in London, were looking for A house in Spain where you can spend your holidays. The two requirements that your summer home had to have were to have sea views and have character. "For more than a year we were looking for a property to buy for Nerja with the intention of renting it as a holiday rental home, just like enjoying it ourselves, every time work allows us. At the time we saw this house we knew what was it home that we had been looking for for so long, despite the poor condition in which he was and all the work he needed, "they explain. The house they are talking about is a 135-square-meter house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms located in the area of ​​the Parador de Nerja, very close to the Burriana beach and the one known as the viewpoint of Europe, since it was built in the 80s, it had never been renovated and asked for a shouting work.

The new owners were not afraid to deal with a comprehensive reform that lasted 18 months: They renovated the bathrooms, replaced the floors throughout the house, opened the exterior doors and windows and knocked down a partition that brought to light a hidden room. "We threw ourselves and saw the potential there was, although it meant a lot of work since there were very hard rocks that covered a good part of the room, to the point that in some areas, you could only be on your knees. The work of chopping the stone and getting the necessary ceiling height took two masons almost 4 weeks, "they explain.

When designing the new elements, they let their imagination fly. In the kitchen, they opted for a porcelain floor countertop and cabinets composed of Ikea structures to which they added doors in natural finish painted by a carpenter. Although what we are most proud of is the dining room table: "we designed it and we took care of it to Heiko, a German carpenter based in the area. The surfboard was made in the US, the sand comes from Huelva beaches and the shells of the Cornwall and Scotland coast in the United Kingdom. " The result is a holiday rental house Very personal with a style of sea air that makes the sea that can be enjoyed from the windows between all rooms. "The effort and work were worth it," they end up happy with their new home.


Advertising - Read on below Pool and beach Very refreshing Take a shower Access road White and mud Vegetable touch Pure facade Living room with terrace Eat out Lounge terrace

With Unopiu chairs.

Sea view Living room Comfort zone

The television cabinet and the side table are from SalaBlanca. The sofa and the coffee table of the local store Muebles Hermoso.

Dinning room Table designed by the owners

Inside we find a surfboard, beach sand and shells.


Purchased at Maison du Monde

Serene decoration Access to the kitchen Very personal

The owner couple wanted the kitchen to be different and opted for a porcelain floor countertop and wooden cabinets in natural finish painted turquoise.

Very equipped

The 135m2 house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

One of the bedrooms Blue and white Brightness Bath

Also with very personal touches and marine inspiration.

Under the sea

Shower tray with motifs from the bottom of the Raltex sea, bought in Bimmat.

Second bedroom Symmetry Blank cabinets Second bathroom Main bedroom Terrace with sea views

At the foot of the bed, the Mediterranean.

A good awakening The first image of the day Smooth rolling

The terrace chairs are from Conforama.

The Mediterranean The great blue City views Outside life Bird sight Backyard