Yogi, the dog with a human face that sweeps the Internet

Yogi, the dog with a human face that sweeps the Internet

Yogi is a mixture of Shih Tzu and poodle that has gone from being an anonymous dog to becoming The latest Internet sensation.

His owner, Chantal Desjardins, had never perceived anything extraordinary in Yogi, until some friends began telling him that had a human face and that seemed "a man with a dog's body", Explain. One of his acquaintances decided to test his suspicion and shared on Facebook a photograph of Yogi to submit this resemblance to the popular verdict. In a few days, and after appearing on the Reddit website (an authentic viral factory) lIn the face of this one-year-old puppy has gone around the world.

Many believe that it is his deep eyes and well defined lips that make his face have a certain resemblance to that of a human. What do you think?

But this is not the only time the Internet has gone crazy with human-like dogs. Here other cases as disturbing as funny:

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