Live in nature? If it is in these houses, yes, please!

Live in nature? If it is in these houses, yes, please!

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That nature relaxes is a proven fact. For that very reason, One of the favorite plans of the urbanites when the expected weekend comes, is to put on the hiking boots and spend the day touring some bucolic path, accompanied by the song of the birds and the fresh air. But, Wouldn't it be a thousand times better to be able to enjoy nature just by looking out the window? If you still have any doubt, these houses will finish convincing you.

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A perfect corner for tea (or wine) with friends while enjoying movie views.

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Open space

The feeling of freedom granted by the open spaces of this house is completed with the exterior forest.

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In the woods

If you are lucky enough to live in the middle of the forest, take advantage of it with some windows like these ... and enjoy the views!

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From the kitchen

Cooking is usually a most relaxing task, but if you do it with this landscape in the background ... What else do you want?

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A natural space

This terrace in the middle of the forest is the dream of any nature lover.

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A Mediterranean-style house perfect for relaxing while contemplating the sea in a warm and welcoming environment.

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Wake up with sunlight

And if you add a good breakfast on the bed, the plan could not be better!

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A chimney to the last

Imagine snuggling on the couch in the heat of this modern fireplace ...

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The rustic style of this house with industrial details, combines beautifully with the terrace that accesses paradise.

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A peace bath

Taking a bubble bath when you get home is a great plan to relieve stress, but if you're lucky enough to do it in the middle of nature, the effect will multiply!

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In this house of minimalist air, the views take care of everything, don't you think?

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Spotting the mountains

The contrast between this modern design dining room and the mountainous landscape in the background is simply spectacular.

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More inspiration

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