This little house called "France" can be assembled only in three hours

This little house called "France" can be assembled only in three hours

Before you say anything about croissants, stop. Although this small house looks like a large French flag on the outside, the colors blue, white and red are not really related to the country. We already know, it is confusing. But they serve a very intelligent purpose that we believe that all owners of mini houses should try.

Let's get in the background: this house was designed by architect Joshua Woodsman and is one of his Pin-Up houses that are part of the research on the viability of small prefabricated houses mass produced.

You may be surprised but the structure of this small house only costs $ 1,200 and it takes three hours to build with the help of three people to assemble the 21 insulating panels. Simple? Bets open.

These are the building materials:

Now, ready for the story behind the colors? They were chosen to help create separate areas for different purposes. Blue is the night zone, since this color is psychologically more suitable for sleeping. White is for the living room or the day zone. And the red one is for the heating zone, where the stove and the wood stove are located. If you ask us, it is incredibly ingenious.

Here is a tour of that adorable abode:

Via: Country Living US