A micro house with a spirit of solidarity

A micro house with a spirit of solidarity

Michael Kai

Every new project is always a challenge, but when the future of many young people depends on the result, the need to prosper becomes even greater, just like the illusion to complete as soon as possible.

Therefore, the architecture studio of Grimshaw set out to design its first microcases for Nestd ™, an organization that is part of Kids Under Cover, dedicated to supporting homeless youth in Australia. The peak (that's what the house is called), It measures 32.5 m2, and is one of the three small houses that are already available.

Being a prefabricated house, it has been thought to be affordable, sustainable, and portable, a series of features that make it the ideal home of many young people who want to enjoy their independence without leaving savings.

Advertising - Keep reading under Double height ceiling Michael Kai

The house, on one floor, it looks wider thanks to the double height ceiling, equipped with some large windows that let in lots of natural light.

Sustainable coating Michael Kai

The exterior is coated with dark metal and wood of sustainable origin, offering a modern and classic contrast.

Warm inside Michael Kai

On the other hand, inside, the surfaces are clad in wood with natural finish creating a warm and timeless environment.

Cube-shaped design Michael Kai

The cube-shaped structure it houses a kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry area, a bedroom and a Small room with integrated storage, and spaces that fit IKEA modules.

For a good cause Michael Kai

Proceeds from the sale of each house will go directly to Kids Under Cover, to help prevent situations of abandonment of young people.

Live with awareness Michael Kai

Information: Courtesy of Grimshaw.