These houses made with containers are impressive

These houses made with containers are impressive

Jon Meier and Kristen Flowers are dedicated to renovating great houses and mansions, but recycled containers are at the center of their projects.

The company that has the couple, Backcountry Containers, Design and build houses with surprisingly elegant containers and with all the advantages and comforts that you would find in a traditional construction, starting at about 65,000 dollars (approximately € 53,500). These extraordinary mini houses are mostly famous for the firm's design: the impressive rooftop terraces.

Jon, a former aeronautical engineer who is now engaged in construction, and Kristen, an interior design expert, launched Backcountry Containers in 2016. The company offers a wide range of houses, from the simplest mini houses with containers to real luxury custom residences with several floors and heights.

You may even recognize the program designs Containable, in which they have shown mountain houses, modern country houses, workshops for the garden or patio, and other unique constructions, all made with 6 and 12 meter containers.

Since it is relatively easy to transport the structures, you can order Backcountry the container house of your dreams and they will send it to you wherever you want: to the mountains, to the beach or even to your own garden.

Backcountry Containers:

Via: Country Living US