A prefabricated house that is built in 10 days

A prefabricated house that is built in 10 days

BIO Arquitecs

Hidden in the forests of Kazan, a city to the southwest of Russia, is this 110 square meter DublDom, one of the many prefabricated DublDom houses designed by the architects firm Bio Architects.

The interior of the house is also made of pine wood, which makes you feel as if the forest were not only outside, but also inside.

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What makes this DublDom house so special is the architects' premise: to keep construction costs to a minimum using materials such as metal, wooden boards and glass.

Inside BIO Arquitecs

The materials used are not only cheap, but also help contribute to the elegant and modern aesthetics of the house.

Large windows BIO Arquitecs

Thanks to the large windows, skylights and the open concept, the house receives a lot of natural light.

Various dimensions, finishes and prices BIO Arquitecs

The line of prefabricated houses DublDom uses modular pieces and vary between 40 and 130 square meters. Prices: from 2,000 to € 94,000.

Kitchen BIO Arquitecs

This eight-room house costs € 75,000 and was designed and built for a family that has previously tested these types of houses, living for a year in a DublDom of only 40 square meters.

In the woods BIO Arquitecs

DublDom designed by the Moscow-based architects firm, Bio Architects.

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