Marie Kondo talks about her new book: Joy at Work

Marie Kondo talks about her new book: Joy at Work

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Marie Kondo has managed to get the most out of her lifestyle where order reigns: she already has a program on Netflix where she teaches us how it helps families find happiness through order at home, a line of boxes to order our drawers according to his Konmari method, two manuals of the order that were a success in sales, and now A third book that goes beyond order at home: Joy at Work.

Your translation would be Joy at work, although we still don't know what the title will be in Spanish, but it is clear that it will be an extension of the famous Konmari method to organize and organize the space applied to the work and office environment. The order guru, responsible for this fashion for cleaning obsessed with cleaning announced his new book, written in collaboration with the psychologist and teacher from Rice University Scott Sonenshein:

"I am delighted to reveal the cover of" Joy at work, "written in collaboration with business professor @ scott.sonenshein. This book offers stories, studies and strategies to help you eliminate clutter and make room for work that really it matters. Soon in the spring of 2020, but I had to show you a preview! "

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Joy at Work deepen the importance of an orderly workspace, from tips to deal with our table documents to how to organize the email tray. Of course, you can not be on our list of gifts for the Magi as it is time to wait until next spring (April 7, 2020 according to Amazon) to get a work space ordered and approved by the order guru.

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Of course, while this awaited book goes on sale, you can take a look at our tips to get the perfect workspace:

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