More than pets

More than pets

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Animal figures

Place these little animals in your garden, they really seem! Figures, from € 6.75 / cu, and terracotta pots, from € 29.90 / cu. Parlane.

2 Jar with lid

Have your bird's food on hand in this jar with a lid, by Annabel James, € 14.95

3 Resin booth

With the arrival of good weather your pet will enjoy the garden. Find him a good place in the shade, he will appreciate it. Large resin house, Dog Kennel, € 69.16. From Kenter.

4 Tablemates

You will not be able to look away when you have in front of the plates with the faces of these humanized animals. The cat Courtney and the dog Dylan, € 14.95 / cu, from