This month I want to talk to you… February / 2018

This month I want to talk to you… February / 2018

This is going to be a great year for the decor. Take a look at social networks like Instagram and you will discover that the photos with more likes They correspond to beautiful interiors that inspire us, in which we want to be. If you walk through your city you will discover new and flirty stores with accessories and complements to beautify the home, sophisticated utensils, florists... And the big fashion brands - together with bloggers and influencers- They have joined this trend with new and surprising collections of textiles and deco accessories.

Therefore, if you want your house to shine this year, you have to make your own right now. wish list; Take note of what you cannot miss: a detail, or more, in ultra violet -the new color of the year-, a fluffy carpet with tribal print in beige and black, and a sculptural or inspirational lamp factory. Happy deco 2018 to everyone!

Cristina Sánchez
Chief Editor @crisangar