A modern and functional kitchen in white and red

A modern and functional kitchen in white and red

Amplitude and luminosity. Those were the premises of this project, which guided this reform to achieve a comfortable kitchen for day to day with a dining area defined daily and perfect for daily use with friends and family.

At first sight the Clysa company, in charge of the project, has achieved a stay designed to work, but the truth is that the distribution hides more: a large work area, a comfortable and cofortable office, storage area and even laundry .

To achieve visual continuity, the furniture was chosen Minos-E, of Santos, with minimalist design and pure lines. All in white and as a counterpoint the ceramic floor covering in gray, which extends into one of the walls. And the color? It is in charge of red brush strokes in small accessories.



Photography: Kris Moya
Decoration and styling: Raque García and Kris Moya

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Minimalist white furniture, pure lines that enhance the feeling of continuity. On the floor, gray cladding that extends into a wall.

The objective of the Clysa company, in charge of the reform of this kitchen, was to create a complete, comfortable and spacious space, thanks to the absence of visual obstacles.

The daily dining room

Precisely so that there were hardly any visual obstacles, the extractor hood (of Frecan) is embedded in the ceiling, so that it does not fall on the plate, located in the module that delimits the work area of ​​the kitchen of the dining room of the newspaper.

On the dining table, two ultra light ceiling lamps Skan, in matt red, by Vibia. Stackable polypropylene chairs Drop.

Minimal line furniture

The furniture Minos-E, from the Santos kitchen company, is made of laminate, which better supports everyday wear. The hidden handle does not detract from storage space and the reduced base offers furniture with wider interiors.

A whole linear front

The preparation, washing, cooking and office they pass along a wall, while in the opposite one there is a column composition that ends in the laundry area, composed of low furniture.

The equipment is completed with two hinged tall cabinets in anthracite gray that merge with the wall.


The sink and preparation area is equipped with a drawer cabinet, integrated dishwasher and a sink module with two drawers.

The upper modules incorporate sockets in the base for small appliances.

White sink and faucet.

Peninsula cooking zone

The cooking zone is located on the peninsula, which in turn delimits the work area of ​​the kitchen and the office.

Plate and oven, from Gaggenau.

Columns and laundry area

In parallel to the washing and preparation area, four column furniture is placed up to the ceiling that, in a small space, integrates the boiler, the refrigerator, the freezer, two ovens and storage space.

Attached to this column composition is the laundry area with three low furniture for washer and dryer. The total integration of the appliances is the key to the sense of cleanliness and order of the kitchen.

Laundry area

The low modules in which the washing and drying appliances are integrated are completed with a shelf. The front in black, as a slate.

Project Managers

The decoration and styling of this project corresponds to Raque García and Kris Moya.

Integrated appliances

The furniture integration solutions make it possible for appliances to be collected inside low furniture and columns.

The furniture was raised in parallel, which leaves the central space clear. No element blocks the entry of natural light.