So were the houses of the eighties ... and so they are now!

So were the houses of the eighties ... and so they are now!

Hair carded with shellac, lips painted in fuchsia pink, and Cindy Lauper playing in the radiocassettes... Or since we get, Alaska and the Pegamoids. That would be the scene we would meet if we climbed into the time machine and went back to the eighties. But in addition to aesthetics and music, Can you imagine spending the afternoon at Peg and Al Bundy's house? With that sofa on which the dog could fit, the brick walls seen and, let's face it, the tacky atmosphere in general (remember the bathroom ...). Of course, the laughs would be more than assured!

But since, feeling it very much, we cannot take you on a DeLorean, you will have to accompany us visually on this photographic tour of the eighties ... to the present! Video killed the radio star nananananaGo!


Pinterest: John Kerr


If only the walls ... But no, bedding, curtains, bedside table ... all matching! Would they have rainbow complex?

Pinterest: Raquel Ramón


Did you think our generation had invented the fashion of powdered pink? Well you were wrong! In the eighties the sofas already triumphed king size of this color

Pinterest: Aránzazu Díaz Huerta

IKEA 1983

If it were not for the grain of the image, it could well go through a current room, don't you think?

Pinterest: Meng Zhang

IKEA 1986

Although the eighties aesthetic already smells here ... Do not tell us that you would not have one of these two sofas in your home today!

Pinterest: Olga

IKEA 1988

Surely you have already entered Wallapop to see if someone sells it ...

Pinterest: Miriam Cuevas


And we come to our domains ... As you can see, the dusty pink is a time traveler, and we without knowing it! We will have to communicate it to the Fourth Millennium ...

Photo: IKEA


IKEA KLIPPAN sofa already dares


One thing is this beautiful bedroom with pastel tones in its right measure, and another very different was that saturation of colors that rose the sugar just after crossing the door.