Are the Spaniards satisfied with the size of their home?

Are the Spaniards satisfied with the size of their home?

"What do you think is a good size for a home?" This is the question that Point2 Homes real estate has raised to 29,000 people in 9 countries to discover the dimensions of their ideal home and compare them with those of their current residence. In the gallery that accompanies these lines you can discover the degree of satisfaction of the Spaniards, French, Germans, Mexicans, Brazilians, English, Americans, Australians and Canadians with the square meters of your home.

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According to Point2 Homes, the average size of Spanish homes is 122m2 (the second country of the 9 with the smallest houses), corresponding 35m2 per person. 56% of respondents believe that they need a larger home and the most desired size is between 90m2 and 140m2.


Although it is the country with the largest average home, 188m2, 55% of Australians think they need a larger one (the ideal is 232m2). The average space per inhabitant is 51m2.


The Americans are in second position in average household size (176m2, 60m2 per person) and in head in satisfaction with it (38% want a larger one). The ideal size for respondents? Between 139 and 185m2.


166m2 is the average size of Canadian homes (57m2 per person) and 92m2 and 139m2 the dimensions they think they need to live. 42% of respondents would like to have a bigger house.

United Kingdom

The English are in the third place of the least happy with the size of their home (62% would like to have a larger one). The average size is 147m2 (42m2 per inhabitant) and they dream of having one of 232m2.


Almost 60% of French respondents are happy with the size of their home. In the neighboring country, the residences measure an average of 144m2 (42m2 per inhabitant) and the ideal dimensions are between 92m2 and 139m2.


The average home of the Germans is around 137m2 (45m2 per person) and the ideal would measure between 92m2 and 139m2. Half of the Teutons think they need a bigger house.


Mexicans are the least satisfied with the size of their home: 66% believe they need a larger one. In this country, the homes measure on average 131m2 (almost 33m2 per person) and think that the optimal size is 232m2.


The average home of the Latin American country is the smallest of all, around 119m2 (32m2 per person). 62% would like to have a larger home and the size that most people dream of is between 92m2 and 139m2.