Any surfer or skater in sight? Teach them this topic!

Any surfer or skater in sight? Teach them this topic!


Children, boyfriends, parents ... Everyone can fall into the grip of these sports, why not? As they say ... Until the body endures! And is that the surf and the skateboard They are so addictive that they don't understand ages or sexes (agility only). So if you live with Kelly Slater or Bam Margera at home ... take note! But if you don't know what we are talking about, don't worry! Tell them they sit with you to look ... 😉

1. Use a table of skateboard as shelf to place the plants

Plants or any deco object you want!

Pinterest: Mike Simms

2. Use a small surfboard as a decorative object

If it is black you will give a minimalist air to the room.

Pinterest: Greta Chan

3. Place the wheels of a skateboard on a shelf to make it mobile

And so you will have your favorite novels at hand whenever you want!

Pinterest: Kristin Reed

4. Or join several tables and create your shelf from scratch

If you paint them different colors, the result will be impressive!

Pinterest: RoomCraft

5. Although on the wall they also look great

And they are the perfect storage!

Pinterest: Textile Passion

Pinterest: Raquel Álvarez Martín

6. Decorate the child's bedroom with their tables skateboard favorites

And let him show off ...

Pinterest: Just Real Moms

Pinterest: Ma Saad

7. Design a surfboard shaped coffee table

We assure you that it will be the most original!

Pinterest: Laurianne DRGN

8. Or a wall clock with a table skateboard

It hadn't occurred to you, huh? Well wing, to succeed!

Pinterest: Skate Home

9. And since we get artistic… Design your own masterpiece deco!

Your guests will not know if they are in a house or in a museum ...

Pinterest: Jordan Mccormick

Pinterest: Platippus

10. Build a bookshelf arty for your books

Minimalist design and so beautiful!

Pinterest: Book Stuff