How to get a more natural and beneficial rest for your health

How to get a more natural and beneficial rest for your health

We are increasingly aware of our health and consume more natural foods, we use cars that pollute less and buy more natural products that fit better with our way of life.

This naturist current has also made a place in the rest, developing natural mattresses, more comfortable and respectful with the environment, because they are made with renewable and biodegradable materials, some handmade, but all developed with greater respect for the environment.

The use of viscoelastic or synthetic latex gives way to mattresses made of wool, cotton, natural fibers, silks, linens, viscous, soy, corn or 100% natural latex.

These mattresses are not usually manufactured in bulk, but are handmade and handmade mattresses, thinking of a more demanding customer looking for a more exclusive and natural product.

We tell you what are some of the characteristics of these natural materials:

- 100% cotton: It is a very cool and soft material that has a great capacity to evacuate moisture, so it provides a very pleasant rest.

- Wool: It is an elastic and very resistant material. It also offers excellent thermal insulation and great moisture absorption.

- Silk: This material offers an extra softness, is ideal for people with skin problems or allergies and also has a great ability to regulate the temperature.

- 100% Viscose: It is a material that is usually used for textiles, because it is very soft and provides a lot of elegance, since it is a material that does not wrinkle easily, as can happen to 100% cotton.

- 100% natural latex: This material is obtained naturally from the rubber tree called Hevea brasiliensis. It is a resistant, soft, elastic material with spectacular antibacterial and antifungal properties. Mites do not like 100% natural latex, so it is ideal for people allergic to mites.

In addition to these materials, there are many treatments in mattress textiles that include fragrances that will help you sleep better, such as Lavender, Aloe Vera or Coconut essences.

Like mattresses, you can find naturally made pillows or bedding in the market, in order to reduce daily exposure to the chemicals to which we are exposed every day.

To ensure that the products are natural, check their labels and check that they have Made in Green or Oeko-Tex type certificates and make your purchase with professionals who advise and trust you.