The transformation of an apartment of 45 m2

The transformation of an apartment of 45 m2

The challenge facing LaiaUbia Studio was to reform an apartment, located on the beach, in Sitges, of 45 square meters and enable it for a family of four.

It was necessary to take advantage of the space, gain a sense of spaciousness (the photos of the "before" are a reflection of the great work) and update the whole set so that the house was functional and practical in a small space.

The proposal of LaiaUbia Studio was to create a closed volume in which the bathroom, cabinets and bunk beds are located and in which the TV cabinet is installed. So there are no more divisions throughout the apartment, getting a feeling of unique spaciousness.

To provide privacy to the master bedroom has been located at one end of the house, in the furthest from the day area, and is delimited by an open shelf that also allows the light of the main facade to reach this room.

The shelf is the modular design Balmat, created by LaiaUbia Studio, and that offers storage space and separates the environments.

The dining table is located in front of the window that communicates with the terrace.

Advertising - Keep reading below A continuous space for four

LaiaUbia Studio has been responsible for the transformation of this 45 square meter apartment that is now spacious, functional and suitable for a family of four.

The kitchen opens to the living room and dining room.

The dining room, protected by natural light

The dining room is located in front of the main window through which you access the terrace.

No divisions

The whole day area is a continuous space without divisions.

Simple Mobiliaro with a lot of style

The furniture with which this apartment has been decorated is functional and simple but at the same time with a certain design that elevates the general interior design.

Simple lines, neutral colors and wood are the characteristics of the pieces and coatings chosen.

View from the entrance

From the entrance you can see the living area, by the way, the kitchen in the left corner and the dining room to the right.

In a cubic structure

Next to the dining room, a wooden cube in which the bathroom, closets and a couple of bunk beds are located.

Bunk View

An original solution devised by those in charge of the project with which the location of the secondary "bedroom" of the house is solved in a small space. Bunk beds are embedded in the cubic structure of the center of the house.

Dining room detail

In total white, it would melt with the walls and floor if not for the black ceiling lamp and the wooden chair legs.

The living area

The living room is solved with a sofa and an armchair.

In front of the cube

The sofa is in front of the cubic structure since the television is installed on it.

Deviant space Detail of the cubic structure in wood

Detail of the cubic structure in wood. Inside is the bathroom.

General view of the apartment A very thoughtful solution Light in abundance

It is one of the characteristics of this apartment: the amount of light it receives and that is reflected in the predominant white.

The kitchen

The kitchen is integrated into the apartment by its arrangement in L with the furniture attached to a corner.

With window

The furniture has been chosen in wood, to match the cubic structure of the center of the plant.

Detail of the kitchen scrubbing area REMOVE


With large storage capacity

The kitchen has enough furniture to organize all the kitchen utensils and utensils. Under the window, a low module. Next, column furniture, which house the appliances.

Cooking front Cubic structure

The bedspreads of the bunk beds is a checkered design, like that of the textile that dresses the bed of the master bedroom.

The main room

It is at one end of the apartment, unlike the day area, so that it had some more privacy. A library delimits the space and grants some privacy without creating a sense of enclosure.

Inside the master bedroom

Detail of the interior of the bedroom. In the headboard, a shelf in a niche, which offers storage options.

The detail of the separating shelf

The bookstore Balmat, Created by LaiaUbia Studio, it is a modular design that delimits the master bedroom. It is bookshelf and separator.

Bathroom in dark tones

The bathroom is the darkest room in the house, both for the chosen coatings and for the absence of natural light, when located inside the cubic wooden structure.

This was the house before the reform

Here you can see the entrance area. The house was compartmentalized and was smaller.

This was the house before the renovation: the dining room

The dining area before the intervention.